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ChatGPT es una Inteligencia Artificial con la que puedes tener conversaciones inteligentes y realistas, lo que abre un mundo de posibilidades en el futuro.

Le puedes pedir que te ayude a programar, que escriba un texto o hasta que cree un plan de entrenamiento. Es cómo un supercomputador capaz de entender lo que le pidas y darte lo que necesitas.

ChatGPT es una tecnología fascinante que proporciona un sinfín de posibilidades en el futuro. Estoy superemocionado de ver cómo esta tecnología continuará evolucionando y cómo se utilizará en aplicaciones innovadoras en el futuro.


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This technology is brutal. Imagine you are a student
and you have to hand in an essay About the future of capitalism In the 21st century. Not bad. Right? But let’s complicate it a little more
and ask you a question from a tutorial Like this
How can I unlock the bootloader Of a Xiaomi phone? Come on, you don’t even have to
you don’t even have to search the web anymore Because it tells you how to do it. But let’s complicate it on a level Super computer scientist, things that you might
you need to program. Come on, Create an ips signature For FortiOS,
to block remote applications And if it is able to do so. My first impression of this was something
like, it’s brutal, but at the same time. Fuck, I thought, this is going to take a lot of people’s jobs
a lot of people’s jobs. And if I’m honest with you,
I think both thoughts are valid, But we should be a little more positive,
because remember, a lot of people thought the same thing About the creation of the calculators of
photography or even computers. So I think we can think
in this tool As a super companion
for our day-to-day tasks. For example, imagine that you are starting
learning Python programming And you want to make a scraper, you simply
and it will do it for you quickly. Or let’s say you already have some code that you want to
code that you simply want to optimize, Or find that bug that you don’t know in
which line it is, then you can ask for it. He analyzes it, corrects it
and tells you exactly where you have failed. This is super cool to me, and I see it as the
I look at it like it’s the second generation Of the Google search engine
that changed our lives so much. With Google we usually do a search
and it gives us some results That supposedly
answer our question. But with this technology
we can ask the question directly

And get that result in an instant. The result it gives us is fine,
but it could be a little more specific, So let’s make the request
considering several options. Okay, something along the lines of Create a four-day
four-day weekly training plan, Each day, a couple of different muscles, Six different exercises
with three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. And the exercises
can only be done with body weight, Dumbbells and resistance bands. And he does it for us. What, it’s impressive and at the end
we can even ask him to give us This same information,
but in table format. This is crazy to me,
not only because of the ease in That we can get this information,
but also the adaptability Of artificial intelligence
in giving us an answer According to our needs and attention
that this artificial intelligence Is limited by the data
that OpenAI has given it. Because if I write something like
you know what NewEsc is? Well, apparently it doesn’t know
and not being connected to the internet He is not able to adapt his knowledge
to recent events. Like when I told you that Elon Musk Was the new owner of Twitter,
well, he wrongly corrected me. There are clear limitations And it is not a question of an infallible
infallible artificial intelligence, because yesterday I asked him to give me a 200-word summary of an article
200-word summary of an article, But he gave me more, so I then asked him
to count the words in his summary And she herself came to the conclusion
that she had miscounted The words the first time,
which to me was like, wtf what else. Struck me about this technology
is that it makes me feel like I have less Ties when it comes to programming something
that I’m not very good at. But for you it can be,
because when it comes to writing a book, To prepare classes or even to create personalized
personalized diets for your clients, There are no limits. And what I expect most from this technology
is that it will be able to integrate With other platforms that we already use.

It would be cool to ask something like
post this video on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram at 08:00 tonight. This also raises some ethical and security
ethical and security questions, in addition to what is The information that is being fed
to this artificial intelligence. Because I’ve seen some responses out there
in which it gives more value to the prizes. Of men than women,
which is clearly a Bayes. From the information you have received. But imagine now imagine That you have the help
of a supercomputer of A super artificial intelligence
in your daily life, in your work. This blows my mind. Well, you don’t really have to think about it
or imagine it, because right now You can try ChatGPT completely free
and I’ll leave you the link In the description of this video. And if you do, man
make a printout of the question and the answer And tag me on Twitter because I want to see
what you’re asking him. And well,
see you next time bye bye.

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