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Fei-Fei Li came to the U.S. from China at 16 with a love for science and she never looked back. Educated at Princeton and Caltech, her early work in robotics revolutionized machine learning and AI. Her focus on inclusion in tech careers and diversity in what we teach machines suggests that tomorrow’s robots won’t be sexist.


My role is to be the thought leader of a I am machine learning one of the most Important thing for me is not only to Advance AI but also to democratize AI My childhood was spent in the southwest Of China in villages at the outskirts of The city cotton do So it’s a very cloudy City you don’t see Starry nights too often which actually Made me really long for those few nights That have clear sky so I always had that Very early sense of wonder of what Nature is who we are then as I enter School just the sheer beauty of math and Science has always attracted me the Transition from China to America was Quite a shocker typical immigrant story That you have to start from Ground Zero And I pretty much learned English from Scratch here one big difference of American schools the books are so much Heavier I had to carry all these you Know volumetric dictionaries to survive My day there was one thing about Princeton that was absolutely my dream Is I’ve always been a nerdy kid you know I would never be so popular because I’m Not part of any sports teams but that Intense intellectual environment I was Like a fish in the water suddenly [Music] Visual intelligence is the primary Sensory system for humans to use to Survive to work to communicate solving

The core fundamental problems of visual Intelligence is solving intelligence if We want to ever make robots do tasks for Us or with us robots needs to recognize Objects [Music] Most people were skeptical so we had Pretty scathing reviews for grants to Support this project I didn’t spend too Much time thinking oh my god these People don’t like it should I do it or Not because I know in my mind this will Change how we think about machine Learning it was staggering for a while We ended up employing tens of thousands Of online workers across more than 150 Countries in the world to help us Assemble this data set [Music] The field of AI as well the greater Field of stem is massively lacking Diversity we need to be mindful that Human values define machine values if Our training data misses a big Population of our world that would have Grave consequences [Music] When we have a diverse group of Technologists it’s more likely that the Technology will reflect our collective Values how do we encourage the future Generation of technologists if we Communicate the humanistic value and how It will make our world better we can

Hope to encourage more diverse group of Students to feel passionate about AI and Become tomorrow’s technology leaders [Music]

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