Fetch is building robots for the warehouses of the future

Fetch’s CEO discusses how robots will change the workplace.

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[Music] About four years ago fetch started and We kind of came into the market with a Big vision a long-term vision of not Only transporting goods with a mobile Robot but eventually doing picking with The robot and for the last three years We’ve really focused on the mobile part Of it being able to move pieces cases And pallets that means we have a 100 Kilogram robot a 500 kilogram robot and A 1500 kilogram payload or a lot and all Of this basically creates a suite of Options for our customers to pick and Choose and mix and match you know Because we have different modules that Go on top it’s really provide an End-to-end solution across multiple Business units we built the hardware as A platform so that we could build Different accessories on top of it so we Have different modules we have a RFID Module that allows you to find inventory In a facility and we have one that’s Just a fixed shelf and that’s used for Moving goods around but we also have Newer accessories like putting a Conveyor top on top of the robot we call It a roller top and then a cart Attaching device so you can move carts Around in your facility and then we Eventually made two large robot Platforms of five hundred and fifteen Hundred the robots have their own

Onboard intelligence which you know Helps them avoid obstacles and things Like that but all of the cloud robotics Software that we’ve built basically Allows us to deploy systems to customers In less than eight hours and allows them To configure it without knowing anything About robotics Amazon Prime has really Ratcheted up the market I guess fear city for getting product to People very fast and that that has a lot Of implications on how much labor you Need how fast that labor needs to be Able to provide units per hour to ship Out and so there were a lot of market Factors that really made manufacturing And warehousing an ideal market for Robotics and like I said the problem is Solvable it’s it’s what robotics is Called the semi structured environment You kind of know what it looks like you Kind of know what all the the factors Are and then the people inside that Environment are financially incentivized To behave themselves so if if you if you Have a robot driving around knowns Jump out in front of it and say hey Robot did you find me or you know do Some things like that and so it’s really An ideal area to deploy right now Manufacturing and warehousing just Looked like a really tractable problem For robotics perspective but there are a Lot of other strong market indicators

That drove us towards it like a labor Shortage I know everyone talks about Robots and jobs but there’s a massive Labor shortage in warehousing and Manufacturing so there’s about 600,000 Unfilled positions if you go to any Conference today for material handling And logistics all you’re going to hear Is I can’t find enough people to do the Jobs it’s it’s the number one factor That people talk about when it comes to Robots and jobs or just labor in general [Music] You

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