Fi smart dog collar

Fi tracks your dog’s location and monitors their activity.

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[Music] Is a smart colorful dog It has GPS tracking and activity Tracking and we commercialized it in April of this year three years ago I was Pretty busy so I hired a dog walker and I wasn’t really sure where the dog Walker was going with him so I decided I Wanted to put a GPS tracker on him to Like people to see exactly where was Going and I couldn’t really find a Product that was working on most Products were very clunky or the battery Would die every day or two and the Signal was not great like I wouldn’t get A very clear path of like words I’ve Been going and then when I start digging A little bit more into this I realized There was a much larger issue behind This they’re about ten million dogs Getting lost in the US every year so we Decided to build something that’s more In the Apple watch for the dog and that Is able to track dogs at any point of Time anywhere in the US any other Product before us would be as I said Like battery dying very fast or very big Because they would have require a lot of Battery we’re the first smart collar to Build on top of that technology called LG cat m1 that result is this guy being Much smaller than any other product that Was built before really we build our own Kora because we wanted it to be inline

With the neck of the dog and comfortable And so we want to control every single Aspect of the experience this car is Fairly complex which requires a piece of Electronics but also some piece like the Colors that are manufacturing Drastically different locations and Require different type of expertise [Music] We have a lot of things that we’re very Excited about that are gonna ship during The holiday period in early next year so We have features that really transcend The simple aspect of tracking of the First product and that really move Forward building a community of dog Owners our goal here is not just to Build like a dog tracker we think it’s a Great first product but there are a lot Of other things we’re building we really Want to become the brain of reference For the mother and daughter [Music]

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