Final Fantasy XVI Rated Mature For Sex Scenes and Hate Crimes

Final Fantasy XVI Rated Mature For Sex Scenes and Hate Crimes.
When you finally figure out what sex is.
Turns out the upcoming Final Fantasy XVI, isn’t just leaning heavily on its Game of Thrones medieval aesthetic in jest.
According to its MSRB rating in Brazil , FFXVI is rated mature for its sex scenes, drug use, and fantasy hate crimes.
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According to a Reddit translation of the game’s rating on the Brazilian Ministerio da Justica website (their Ministry of Justice and Public Security), Final Fantasy XVI features a cacophony of “extenuating circumstances” like:

Sex scenes (that are not fully shown)

“Intentional deaths”

Torture scenes depicting suffering victim.
Drugs use.
Sexual content (that is shown and discussed)

And hate crimes.
While this news may come as some surprise to you, we already knew that FFXVI would be more mature than its predecessors because its producer, Naoki Yoshida, said as much in an interview with Gamespot .

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