First Look: 2022 Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

At CES, Lenovo showed off the latest versions of the venerable ThinkPad X series, including the X1 Carbon, X1 Yoga, and X1 Nano—now with DDR5 memory and 12th Generation Intel CPUs.

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Hello and welcome to pc mag’s coverage Of ces 2022 before the show started Lenovo gave us a sneak peek at some of The coolest new laptops and other Products that they’re launching during This year’s show so right now we’re Going to take you to a lenovo product Manager showing off the snazzy new Thinkpad x series of laptops here we Have the 10th generation of our x1 Carbon that’s going to be a 14 inch full Performance notebook it’s it’s truly the Best business pc In the middle here we have our x1 nano Which is basically the little brother of The x1 carbon it’s everything you know And love about the carbon just in that Thinner and lighter form factor it’s 13 Inch just a traditional Notebook and it’s Less than a kilogram Then we have our x1 yoga gen 7 And this is going to be that 14 inch no Compromise convertible Style notebook So let’s actually Take a look At the x1 Yoga here So from a top down view i want to show Off the the big design update here which Is going to be our communication bar Like i said collaboration is Very critical

So we integrated higher resolution fhd Cameras which do take up more space than That 720p hd camera So we’re able to put in what we call the Communications bar which is going to be Able to have that fhd camera without Increasing that top bezel size and we Also have four 360 degree mics along the Top bezel here too for really great Audio Digital eye strain 2 is becoming more Prevalent so we’re Finding that 65 or more of active pc Users are reporting symptoms of eye Fatigue So i save certified low blue light Displays they’re going to help reduce That harmful spectrum of light without Changing color accuracy Now if we can get this um So we have oled displays Oled is great because it provides really Vivid visuals and it’s been a really hot Request from customers all over the World we have it back on the x1 yoga gen 7 and for the first time ever on our x1 Carbon so we’re really excited to offer That display option for these two Products We also have a new innovation called Computer vision technology and that’s Basically going to analyze metadata from The webcam as you’re using your pc in Front of you and it’s going to give you

Features like wake on approach and lock On leave like traditional hpd Type Functionalities and then there’s also What’s called attention tracking and if You’re um looking at your display you Have it on full brightness probably and Then let’s say you have somebody come up And talk to you off to the side so your Attention is Off of your display you’re looking Somewhere else The brightness on your display is going To come down to help conserve on battery And that’s Really great for power management and Just extending your battery life in General There’s also things like privacy alert When there’s somebody overlooking Like over your shoulder looking at your Display it will alert you saying that You know you might have The information on your display Compromise someone’s looking at it and Then also digital wellness alerts like a Posture warning if you’re not sitting up Straight Um So let’s take a look at The Um x1 carbon So Here i have

Taken apart The bottom cover of an x1 carbon and i Had mentioned A little bit about performance already And how we’ve increased the performance Of these pretty significantly gen to gen So we one of the ways we were able to do That was with this air intake keyboard Design so here you have the planer board And the dual fan system Now underneath here we have implemented This air intake keyboard which is going To be able to take air in from the Keyboard And be able to disperse it into this Dual fan system To then expel that hot air that’s Generated out the um Back of the system So this is really going to be able to Help us Get that highest performance out of that P series Cpu from intel And what’s actually really cool about This and maybe my favorite part is that We were able to maintain the spill Resistance of the keyboard so if you Ever have accidents and maybe spill a Little bit of water or coffee on on your Laptop that should still work Now The biggest improvement that we’ve done For

Our x1 series in terms of performance is Definitely around our nano so The first generation of x1 nano we came Out with last year and that had the up4 Intel cpu And this year we really cranked it up Two notches so now we’re offering p28 Up to 32 gigs of memory and You can see um That We really had to do a lot here because The the size of the x1 nano is it’s so Much more compact it’s less than a Kilogram it’s 14 millimeters thin Um so We um we really had to tweak our Thermals a lot to really be able to Get that That same level of performance out of Our x1 nano that we do have on our x1 Carbon and yoga [Music]

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