First Look: Asus TUF Dash F15 Slims Down, Pumps Up Budget Gaming Laptops

The traditionally plain, entry-level TUF laptops have a fresh new look, plus the latest parts from Nvidia and Intel. We had Asus give us a TUF demo.

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[Music] Like Most other events this year ces 2021 is All virtual happening in people’s homes Around the globe But that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a Ton of cool new tech To check out including a asus tough Gaming laptop That’s extremely thin extremely light And Comes with for the first time charging Via usbc I’m tom brandt for pc mag Here in america and with me is sasha Crone from asus In taiwan to tell us all about it sasha Take it away All right so our tough gaming series has Been extremely popular over the years Great price performance The best bang for the buck and we’re now Expanding and adding a new model to our Top family and that’s a Slimmer lighter more premium tough dash So it’s only two kilos only 20 Millimeters And has a very nice sleek design and There is a white version which Uh all of us here in hq are big fans of So i i just want to mention that that Two kilo mark is very important because Um For our our our our uh viewers in north

America that’s right about Um that’s right about four pounds which Uh which you know is is kind of on the Border there between Alter portable laptops and those those Big thick chunky uh gaming laptops Uh that you might have had uh seen from From years past So yeah it’s thin and light um it’s got Two colors Uh what what are some of the component Options that you can configure at this New tough gaming laptop with So yeah um it comes with the latest Intel 11th gen tiger lake cpu And latest nvidia mobile gpu So really powerful combination very Portable and still very powerful And yeah despite being a price Performance laptop And being surprisingly slim you can see It still has a ton of i o On the left side here we have the power Jack one gigabit lan hdmi Usb and a usb type-c with thunderbolt 4 And displayport signal out 3.5 Millimeter audio jack And on the other side we got two more Usb a ports so plenty of io And yeah pretty impressive for a slim Price performance laptop Yeah i mean that looks great to me Especially in white Um it is you know a little thicker to

Accommodate those ports but it does Remind me of that um That other gaming laptop that you guys Debuted earlier last year with the With that really cool led lid um it Really looks Uh premium um so eager to check that out Um yeah you can see the vent design in The rear is very similar to the g14 yeah Oh yes that’s what i’m talking about the G14 it look it’s got that um distinctive Look there Um can you talk a little bit about these Screen options what kind of Uh screen technology can people expect So it comes either with a 144 hertz Panel Or up to a 240 hertz three millisecond Panel with 100 srgb so panel wise you Can get A really top-notch uh gaming display in There as well And the keyboard is 1.7 millimeter key Travel With our nice hotkeys as well you know Volume up down microphone mute Very useful these days and our armory Create launch button to configure the System And it comes with an sso ping Fingerprint button as well so Sso means single sign-on so you press This button once It captures your fingerprint and turns

On the system as soon as windows loaded It then sends the fingerprint To the operating system to log in so you Only have to press it once And it locks you right into windows Now obviously this has got the latest um As you mentioned the latest nvidia gpus But it also has that 11th gen um intel Cpus that are mostly found in those thin And light ultra portable laptops So is that going to impact game Performance in any way what are the what Are the types of uh performance that People can expect from this in terms of Gaming at you know uh full hd or things Like that That’s a very good question so yeah um We think that some people will Definitely have concerns about this But you’ll be surprised i mean once you Guys get your hands on you can test it You’ll see for yourselves as well Um everybody knows already that you know You don’t really need Eight cores uh for games and even though There are games that make use of a Course It doesn’t mean you get really extra Performance with eight cpu cores Um and even in the few games where you Do is like two or three fps It’s not a big difference everybody Knows that for gaming clock speed is Super important

And uh high performance cpu cores are Very important and with this one Since it goes up to five gigahertz so we Co-engineered this With intel we worked very closely Together with intel and we managed to Push this to five gigahertz Um within this really power efficient 35 Watt envelope Which is uh really impressive and yeah Uh offers A really good gaming performance that is One of the things that uh strikes me About the 11th generation cpus they do Have those higher clock speeds which Which you know it’s kind of a departure From previous generations so that Uh could help if your if your game can Take advantage of those But in general this is the the tough Dash Um f15 is is kind of look Like a sweet spot gaming laptop in terms Of price and performance it seems like But kind of my favorite thing about it Just looking at it now is that white Color scheme i really really like it I think that more gaming laptops should Have the option to not look Uh black and aggressive so definitely Looking forward to checking it out Once we get it in for review but right Now it is launching at Ces 2021 and uh we thank you very much

Sasha for giving us That first look at the tough dash f15 You

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