First look at Apple Watch Series 4

TC takes a look at the Apple Watch Series 4.

Well it’s not the circular display watch That a lot of people had hoped for but Apple showed off a new watch design Wednesday at its hardware unveil event The highlight of the Apple watch series For is its new display which adds some Screen real estate with curved corners While cutting down on bezels the old Watches came in 38 millimeter and 42 Millimeter flavors now it’s 40 and 44 Though the body is also a bit thinner Thankfully you’ll still be able to use All the same watch bands if you’re a Previous Apple watch owner the wildest Things about the new watch are probably Its new health monitoring features you Can take an electrocardiogram in 30 Seconds by holding on to the redesigned Digital crown it’s all pretty Groundbreaking in terms of health care On the watch the new design is a bit Pricier than the company’s last batch The LTE Apple watch series 4 starts at $4.99 while the GPS only version starts At 399 you can pre-order the new watches Starting September 14 You

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