First Look: Lenovo ThinkPad Z Series

Lenovo’s brand-new ThinkPad Z laptops come in 14-inch or 16-inch versions complete with haptic touchpads and an optional vegan leather exterior.

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– Hello, and welcome to PC
Mag’s coverage of CES 2022. Before the show started,
Lenovo gave us a sneak peek At some of the coolest new
laptops and other products That the company will be
launching during the show. And so right now, we’re going to take you To a Lenovo product manager, Going over some of the new features Of the snazzy, new
ThinkPad Z-series laptops. – First, let’s focus on the design. It’s a gorgeous new design Focused on modern simplicity
and sustainability. We’ll be offering choices in
colors, materials and finish. We introduced the first ThinkPad
made from recycled aluminum In an all-new Arctic gray color, As well as a bronze with
vegan leather as a choice. As I look at these designs, And especially on the sidewalls, You’re going to see these
polished edges and accents, And really note the
differences as they pop With the silver and the bronze accents. In addition to the design of the system, We’ve also done a complete
redesign of our packaging. We’re using all recycled
and recyclable materials To house the system and we are introducing An all-new bamboo and plastic-free, Rapid compostable packaging To contain the system within the box. As we look at designing these products, We focused a lot of
attention on the hybrid work And modern user experience. Our design highlights
our communications bar That houses our full HD camera, IR camera, Dual array microphones. So when you’re connecting with family,

Friends and colleagues virtually, You have a fantastic user experience. As I open up the design-
as I open up inside, You’ll see from the design, We’ve introduced an edge-to-edge keyboard For very modern and simplistic view, But we’re also introducing
an all-glass palm rest. Inside this palm rest, we’re housing A massive 120 millimeter haptic force pad. And this gives you several advantages. As a touchpad user, you
get a significantly larger Footprint for the full touch pad. As a track point user, we’re containing The track point buttons
within the haptic force pad. So you have the best of both worlds. We’re also introducing new
functionality to the track point. With a double click of the track point, We’ll open up a quick menu
for collaboration settings. So right at your fingertips, You’ll have camera, mic, speaker settings, As you’re on these virtual
and hybrid work calls. As I focus on the screen,
you’ll see a focus On very narrow bezel design, With a huge screen-to-body ratio. We have 91% on the 13 inch
and 92% on the 16 inch, Which is the largest of any ThinkPad. Continuing on performance. From a performance perspective,
these will be powered Exclusively by AMD’s next
gen Ryzen pro series. On the 13 inch, we’re
going to have an exclusive R7Z processor, which is
an additional performance And efficiency gain over the standard R7. So we’ll have the best of
the best on this platform With this processor.

As I look at the 16, inside the 16, We’re focusing not only on the
modern design and aesthetics, But we’re also bumping up the
performance significantly. The 16 is going to house
both next gen radion GPU, As well as the H-series clash processor. And for the first time on ThinkPad, We’ll have AMD plus AMD, And we’ll introduce
smart shift technology, Which allows you to throttle
up and throttle down The CPU, the APU, or the
GPU on demand and as needed To eke out the maximum
performance for your platform. These two systems will also be the first With Pluton security, Which is available with
Microsoft windows 11 And AMD’s platform for an
additional security processor To help against physical attacks. Again, I’m absolutely
thrilled to introduce These beautiful new
products, which introduced An all-new ThinkPad
design into our portfolio And cannot wait for you
to get your hands on them. (musical notes)

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