First Look: Lenovo’s 2021 ThinkBook Plus Has a Big E Ink Screen on the Lid

It’s one of four new ThinkBooks, with two featuring AMD’s latest Ryzen mobile chips. Lenovo demoed them all for us.

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Hi this is john bjerk with pc mag before Ces 2021 began we met with lenovo who showed Us a whole bunch of its new products That it would be showing at the show Now one of the families that lenovo’s Giving a major update to is its think Book line of laptops Now most users are familiar with the Thinkpad the thinkpad line is A sort of staple of corporations Everywhere but the thinkbook line Which was introduced a few years ago is More geared towards small and medium Businesses smbs the idea behind the Think books is that their productivity Machines with solids or productivity and Connectivity chops Without having to spend for the full Sort of manageability And sort of durability of the thinkpad Family um so what’s um Coming in uh 2021 are updates to Three of think books one is called the Think book 14 And 16p which are coming in the second Generation There’s the thinkbook 13xi which is a New model which is their Lenovo’s thinnest and lightest thinkbook So far it’s got a cool wireless Charging dock a nice metal design and Quad mics And then finally um probably the most

Out there think book Is called the thinkbook plus gen2 the Thinkbook plus debuted Earlier and it’s known for its e-ink Screen Which is a second screen on the laptop Which is on the lid On sort of the outside of the laptop Which you would use For checking email and doing uh sort of Quick check Tasks um eating screens tend to use very Little power So they’re good for times when you don’t Need to boot up the machine And now with the gen 2 version of the Thinkbook plus There’s a bigger e-ink screen which is 12 inches on the diagonal and it has a Sort of more tablet-like experience and It can also run windows 10 directly on The screen So with that i’m going to turn this over To lee highsmith From lenovo who’s going to demonstrate The new thinkbook lines So we’re going to take you through a few Of the new announcements we have In our thinkbook small business line and We’re going to start With the thinkbook 14p 2 and 16 p Gen 2 so they’re pretty similar so i’m Going to focus on just the 14 p For the purposes of this morning this is

A look at our 16 inch offering Before we move to the thinkbook 14p So the new design is really Uh intended to be very sleek and premium So we have this signature dual tone Top cover all metal top cover that Really gives you a really Nice premium look and we have what we Call A hinge up design so we’re trying to Preserve the nice sleek profile But also offer the ability to rear vent The heating fans the cooling fans i Should say and it also offers us the Ability to have hdmi And a couple usb a ports on the back Which is great connectivity and Convenience you’ll also notice On the side we have dual usb c ports As well so when you open the devices The first thing you’re going to notice And this is pretty common to all of them Is this beautiful 16 by 10 frameless Display So that gives you a nice big work area And it’s obviously a beautiful display The other thing you’ll see is that our Webcams have privacy shutters as well Again very important in this new working World we have today The other thing that steps out is this Diamond cut edge On our large glass track pad so That really gives you again that premium

Feel and It’s a nice great feeling track pad that Diamond edge cut is also Replicated here on the power button and That power button doubles Actually as a fingerprint reader so you Can have great login security As well so that’s a quick look at the 14p And the 16p gen 2 thinkbook Now the next thing i’d like to show you Is the thinnest and lightest Thinkbook we’ve ever made it’s our Thinkbook 13xi So this all metal design also features That dual tone cup top cover And is offered in storm gray and cloud Gray And for an outstanding voiceover ip Experience as we all begin to use our Pcs as the way that we face the world Our co-workers our customers our family And friends We have quad microphones on the 13 Xi that really give you a great Surround experience it helps minimize The background noise things like that So a great touch for the big book 13 Xi and again as you open it you’ll Notice The privacy shutter over the 16 by 10 Screen Beautiful screen this one has harman Kardon sound

So again as we depend on our pc Technology for more than just Documents and web browsing and doing Work things like that That harman kardon sound gives you great Not only entertainment experience But you know again your voice over ip Calls as well So one thing that is very new in the Portfolio today is actually an option That we call the wireless charging mat So It actually works with the thinkted Thinkpad 13xi As well as the product we’ll talk about Next here It’s really simple you plug it into the Usbc charger You can put it anywhere on your desk Obviously and when you lay it on the mat And there’s no you know particular spot You have to think about hitting It’ll actually charge at almost full Power of the ac adapter So that means for great convenience as You’re working you don’t have to plug a Bunch of things in to get charging Just put it on the mat and you’re ready To go so that’s the wireless charging Mat For the thinkbook 13xi As well as our new thinkbook Thinkbookplus generation two uh i that We’ll talk about next

So we announced the think book plus last Year at ces And we got a lot of feedback right away That our customers really liked the Ability to not just consume documents Like an e-reader with this e-ink Screening that’s on the top But they could take notes they get their Important notifications They could do a lot of things that were Immediately productive But they really wanted one thing which Was to make the screen Larger and so we did this is now at 12 Inches the largest e-ink screen On a laptop and that features An updated experience as kevin mentioned A more tablet-like experience you know Home button to go back to the Home experience but it also now supports Full windows 10 so you can not only run Your windows apps Uh here in the end screen on the top Cover you can run full windows 10 Which is fantastic productivity so When you’re in eating mode you can have Up to 24 hours of battery life Uh which is nine hours more than the 15 Hours That the thinkbook plus gen 2 is rated For With the lcd so not only convenience but Great battery life and great usability And speaking of great usability it has

The garage pin so You’re always ready to ink a note Edit a document things like that here With the thinkbook plus gen2i And the pen charges inside the system so You have the ability to always be ready It’s always going to be charged And ready to go for hours and hours of Inking taking notes with things like Onenote Etc so that’s a quick look At some of the thinkbook products that We have coming in For our small business customers You

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