First Look: Lenovo’s 2021 ThinkPads Include New X1 Titanium, X12 Detachable Models

Lenovo gave us a virtual first look at its 2021 X-series ThinkPad line, which includes a new, thinnest-ever ThinkPad Titanium X1 Yoga and the X12 Detachable 2-in-1.

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Hi this is john buick at pc mag before Ces 2021 Started lenovo briefed us on its new Thinkpad line of laptops Now attrition almost every year at ces Is that lenovo has a bunch of new Thinkpads sometimes they’re new models Sometimes Actually more often they’re existing Models that have been tweaked or updated With new components or new features So this year it’s a mix of both we’re Seeing four new models in the company’s X1 family of thinkpads that’s its Premium line for business users And they’re a mix of new models and Tweaked existing models So given that ces is all digital this Year we’re going to in a few moments Turn this over to lenovo for a short Demo of the Four new models but here’s a quick Summary of the new thinkpads To start us off the first one is the Thinkpad x1 titanium yoga And that one’s all new lenovo’s is the Thinnest thing pad that they’ve ever Made at just over 11 millimeters thick That’s just under half an inch thick and The big deal about this one From a usability standpoint apart from The thinness Is the screen the screen has a three to Two aspect ratio

Those of you who are familiar with the Microsoft surface line of laptops might Be familiar with three to two It’s a squarer taller screen type which Is good for looking At web pages or large documents and Seeing more vertically of the content So some folks may prefer that so in Terms of Other new models there are two that are Revisions of existing ones the thinkpad X1 carbon gen 9 and the x1 yoga gen 6. Now those have been redesigned to accept A taller screen as well in this case They’re 16 by 10 That’s slightly less tall than a 3×2 now We’re seeing Uh tall screens like these not only in The surface laptop like i mentioned but In some of The uh key models and some other vendors Lines as well It’s becoming a trend like dell’s xps And hp Spectre so the tall screen is definitely A 20 21 thing that we’re going to be Seeing more and more of So also new on the x1 carbon gen 9 and X1 yoga gen 6 is another 2021 thing which is Better video conferencing capabilities And in this case that’s both the Speakers

And the microphones which have been Enhanced for video calling since we are Largely doing uh remote video calling And Meetings for much of our days if we are Working remotely The last new thinkpad is the thinkpad X12 detachable Now that’s sort of a microsoft surface Pro Tablet with a detachable keyboard design The big deal about this one Is that it has a thinkpad keyboard and i Say that because anyone who’s typed in a Thinkpad keyboard likely knows the Difference between A thinkpad keyboard and a lot of other Manufacturers keyboards comfortable to Type on usually with good key travel So this model has pen input options and Manageability That you’d expect from a thinkpad but i Think that the key thing here will be Well the keys so with that um let’s turn This over to lenovo Um and kevin beck at lenovo he’s going To give us a demo of the four new models Which will all be available in january Or february of this year I’m going to take you through the four Thinkpad announcements that we’ve got For ces 2021 And i’m going to start with what might Be my favorite new thinkpad

This is the thinkpad x1 titanium and as I mentioned Built from the ground up authentic Titanium material cover That’s what lets us get so incredibly Thin and light If you take a look here this is 11.5 Millimeters incredibly thin Two thunderbolt four ports here Power button headphone jack and Security lock slot there but let’s go Ahead and open this up and give you a Look So as i mentioned front facing dolby Atmos speakers Also available with dolby vision screens The hpd and for those of you who haven’t Had the opportunity to play with a Human presence detection it really is The to me the ideal User experience i can leave the system Sitting In the house anywhere not plugged in i Walk up Turns on automatically windows hello Logs me in by face and i’m ready to go When i walk away it locks the system Convenient secure And just absolutely rounds out the Technology package In the new thinkpad x1 titanium again The thinnest convertible notebook that We Convertible thinkpad that we have ever

Made as lenovo Next up i’m going to talk a bit about The new thinkpad x1 carbon um The changes on the thinkpad x1 carbon Are not immediately Apparent from the outside but once i Open it up You can really see that one we’ve Completely redesigned the hinge which You can see and the cooling which you Cannot It may be a little bit counter-intuitive But having two Medium-sized fans here and here actually Provides us with or gives us the Opportunity gives us the capacity To move even more air than one really Large fan And we’ve switched both the x1 carbon And the x1 yoga this year For rear exhaust so whether you’re Right-handed or left-handed No matter which side you use the mouse Or put your hand on you’re not going to Have hot air blowing on you On both the carbon and yoga for this Year we’ve moved The fingerprint reader to the power Button and on the yoga The x1 yoga version moved the power Button to From the side to the top new wider touch Pads on both And again four speaker dolby atmos sound

System And as i mentioned in the earlier chat On both the x1 carbon and the x1 yoga We’ve got Four top facing external microphones That give you 360 degree pickup And with the new dolby voice they Monitor the room They actually can pick up what’s on the Left what’s on the right And transmit that information back to The other end of another dolby Voice enabled device to give you that That full room space That person is here that person is there It’s really a game-changing experience For video conferencing Just a quick look again at the ports Here We’ve got lock slots usba Sim card both of these products as well As many of the others Are supporting full embedded esim this Year this is for legacy sims but you Don’t necessarily need it anymore Uh headphone jack as well as two Thunderbolt four ports the usba And the hdmi a full range of ports In a Sub 15 millimeter package Really amazes me sometimes what our Engineer managed to do This is the new x1 yoga for this year Many things as i have mentioned in

Common with the X1 carbon the four top facing 360 degree Microphones for that dolby voice Enablement Moving the power button to the top Integrating the fingerprint reader With the power button the larger touch Pad I mean all of these things are Individual specs But when you think about the When we i should say think about how our Users interact with these Um the total package here of the dolby Voice the great microphones the great Speakers the wider touchpad the improved Thing It’s all about the user experience and I’m already Personally really excited to move into One of these Uh similar arrangement of ports on the X1 yoga for this year Two thunderbolt 4 ports usb a hdmi The new rear-facing exhaust like i Mentioned Uh discussed on the x1 carbon headphone Jack usb-a And security lock slot round out The assemblage of ports on the x1 yoga For this year and last up I want to show you the new thinkpad x12 Detachable I said we’ve got a lot of customers who

Love the yoga Convertible two in one form factor uh But also a lot of customers who prefer The more Classic detachable convertible option Of uh of a tablet with a detachable Keyboard and that Is the audience for whom the x12 Detachable Is meant so this is a new product for us 12 and a half inch screen Also available with dolby vision but the Key things here Are the tablet uh usage models And the way that we’ve enabled that this Of course Like all of our other models has a Camera privacy shutter uh and a new Lenovo pin that is the the primary pin Meant to be used on both the x12 Detachable and the x1 titanium yoga this Magnetically attaches on The side of the system so that you don’t Use it or you can tuck it in here And show you how the keyboard detaches This is a Standard set of pogo pins with a really Well aligned magnetic attachment system That i don’t even have to think about Two options here flat on the keyboard or Pulled up like that And of course of supreme importance for Us and Our classic thinkpad feel of typing on

The system With the uh with the trackpoint so i Will Take you around the product here to see The ports Lock slot volume exhaust Got the power button here the air intake Two thunderbolt 4 port sim slot And the headphone jack um so there you Go folks Four new think pads in the line for us From In from us for the year of 2021 some Great improvements and some really cool User-facing technology that’s Specifically meant to enhance the Experience To make video conferencing better and to Make everything easier to use

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