First Look: Lenovo’s Dual-Screen ThinkBook Plus Gen 3

At CES, Lenovo announced a major overhaul of its ThinkBook lineup, including a brand-new ThinkBook Plus Gen 3 with a secondary 8-inch display next to the keyboard.

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– Hello, and welcome to PC
Mag’s coverage of CES 2022. Right before the show,
Lenovo gave us a sneak peek At some of the coolest new
laptops and other products That they’ll be launching. Right now, we’re going to take you To a Lenovo product manager,
who’s giving a demonstration Of the new ThinkBook series of
laptops for small businesses. – So encased in this familiar, all-CNC’d, All-metal-body chassis Is a familiar, premium, dual-tone look Of the new ThinkBook 13x Gen 2 i. So it’s got a brilliant 2.5K
resolution, 13-inch display. It’s a 16-by-10 aspect ratio, So lots of information on the screen, And the beautiful and super-thin bezels That people are expecting from
a workplace machine today. So all of the premium,
beautiful, consumer-like touches Don’t give away all of
the durability you expect From a product with the Think brand. So lots of toughness also built Into the ThinkBook 13x Gen 2 i. It’s really thin and light, 12.9 millimeters, 1.21 kilograms. There’s actually two
different colors available. And it has a range of
AI features and sensors For a better and more
productive experience. Something we introduced
last year with the Gen 1 13x Was our charging mat, if
you’re familiar with that. So it was the first contact by charge mat, And it leveraged these little
pogo pins to charge the PC. So you have a charging mat on
your desk or your workspace. These contact can be anywhere
on this area here and charge. So what’s new this year are two things: One, it charges at full
65-watt performance.

So when you put your ThinkBook
down on the charging mat, You’re getting full-performance charging, So it’s a really quick,
snatch-and-go-type experience With this charging mat. The other thing we’ve
added, you notice out here, Is a Qi charging pad. So whether it’s a phone, earbuds, Other accessories that are Qi-compatible, Charge at up to 10 watts
of charging performance, Which is great convenience also. It’s under five millimeters thin, So it doesn’t really
change your work angle, Things like that, and it’s made
with 25% recycled plastics. Really cool. But the biggest news I
have for you today is The ThinkBook Plus Gen 3. So this is an all-new design, And it features an industry first. And it’s a 21-by-10 ultra-wide
17.3-inch IPS touch display. Beautiful, again, thin bezels
here that people expect, But what you’re going to notice is This unique eight-inch display
right next to the keyboard That can be used for a
variety of functions. And we’ll talk about it in just a moment. So quick look at the specs will show The latest generation Intel processors, Microsoft Windows 11 Pro. It’s only 17.9 millimeters thin
and is under two kilograms. So for a system of this size, It’s incredibly thin and light. But the star of the show, The newest and most different thing, Is the eight-inch display
here by the keyboard. So it offers really unique value.

So if you’re a content
creator, for example, You can have your thumbnails
down here in the eight-inch pad And easily switch. You could also use it for
something like pen input. So there’s a garage pen here in the system That allows you to edit here
and see the results zoomed out On the bigger screen. But you can also have a
second program running here That gives you… In this case, I just
have weather pulled up, But it could be stock tracker,
other real-time content, Whatever you want. And then down here, there are
also pre-programmed things For note taking or something
as simple as a calculator here On this eight-inch display. So really dynamic,
whether you’re a designer Or someone who is doing
more productivity-based apps And collaboration, remote
office work, in-office work. It’s a real different
approach to a complete package And really a multi-monitor setup here With the all-new ThinkBook Plus Gen 3. (upbeat music)

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