First Look: Lenovo’s Duet 3 Chromebook Gains a Bigger Display, Smarter Keyboard

A new version of a pandemic best-seller, the kid-friendly IdeaPad Duet 3 Chromebook looks much improved, and it’s still pretty cheap.

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– Hi, I’m Matthew Buzzi from PCMag, And I’m here with some
updates to products, Including some that really became popular Over the pandemic. Here on the screen you can see
the Lenovo Chromebook Duet, Which was a sub $300 Chromebook device, 10 inch screen, sold really
well for education purposes; Users who maybe ask a little
bit less of their laptop, And the Chromebook is a
good solution for that. This is getting an update
today with the now IdeaPad line An 11 inch Chromebook Duet 3. A little bit of a product name mix up, But same core concept. This will be affordable. This will be, also still a Chromebook, They’re not changing anything there But updates including to the display; It’s now 2K. A little bit of a design shift. You have this fingerprint-resistant, Nice sort of material here. The keys, they actually
noted, are harder to pry off. Again, probably something
useful for education purposes, When kids, bored in class,
try to pick at the keys And return a laptop with a missing key. This does actually come apart, So this is sold as one bundle, But it has a separate folio Sort of kickstand that
magnetically attaches to the back, And the keyboard itself
is also detachable. So this is actually
obviously a tablet device That even in spite of
the overall finished look And the fact that it
does sell as one bundle, Is a tablet with detachables,

Not a built in keyboard that
is permanent to the device. So I mentioned the detachable keyboard, But it is actually one of the main aspects Of this product that has been improved And redesigned the most. In addition to a bit of a
better typing experience, Which I would say is pretty comfortable, It has a good amount of key
travel for something this thin, It is also spill resistant, So hopefully if kids in class
spill on it by accident, Or your child using it
at home spills on it, It won’t be a big deal. Hopefully doesn’t break
the entire product. Also an improvement, which
does not exist on the original, If you fold it back behind the screen It won’t accidentally input the buttons; They turn off when you flip it behind, So that you won’t get, logged in and Put in some accidental key presses While you’re holding it back. So back to this product as a whole, This tablet has an eight megapixel And a five megapixel camera. The front facing is five, solid, Work from home experience, People are probably going to
be using it for video chatting, So good quality cameras is always a plus. USB-C is the connectivity. As I mentioned, the 11 inch
screen also a bit larger, So overall just sort of
improved connectivity And improved screen usability. It’s powered by Snapdragon 7c Gen 2 Is the processor running this thing. Chromebook, so you don’t
need probably as much

Of a demanding, Intel
or MD based experience To run the system. As far as internal storage, You can get up to 128 gigabyte SSD. This is also compatible
with the precision pen, So you can slot that in on the back here. It also comes in two colors. It’s a gray and a blue
represented here in this stripe. So overall, some solid
improvements to the system. It was already, as we said, a hot seller During the pandemic, and
this should take it a little Further with the bigger
screen, nicer design, Improved usability with the keyboard, And this kickstand. It’ll be available for $399 in May, So a little bit of a price bump, But with the improvements available, It seems like a pretty good value. We will, of course, run our
full suite of benchmarks On this system, including battery tests When it becomes available for review, So check back in to

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