First Look: Lenovo’s Yoga AIO 7 Is a Cool, Color-Accurate Rotating All-in-One PC

This Ryzen-based AIO desktop will thrill designers and others who like to work, sometimes, in portrait mode.

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– Hi, this is John Burek with PCMag. Before CES 2021, Lenovo
gave us a sneak peek At a whole bunch of new products, And one of the first of them Was particularly exciting to me. It’s an all-in-one PC
called the Lenovo AIO 7, AIO for all-in-one. We don’t see a lot of innovation Around all of the desktops these days. They tend not to get component updates As quickly as, say, the most
cutting-edge laptops do. You don’t tend to see much
innovation in their design. So, this one was of particular
interest because of that. The big innovations around
it are a rounded screen. It’s a 27 inch screen on this machine. It’s a 4K panel And it rotates 90 degrees on
its pivot point on the back. You can put it up vertically If you want to look at
things in portrait mode Or, say for instance, A portrait mode photo
that you want to edit Or look at a web page in
sort of a longer format. It’s actually very handy
for productivity work As well as for creative work. For the creators though,
one version of the screen That’s going to be offered by Lenovo Supports 99% coverage of
both DCI-P3 and Adobe RGB, Which is an exclusive to this
AIO. No other AIO has that. There’s also going to be, apparently, A 100% sRGB version of the screen. Some other interesting
features around this AIO Is that you can use your phone Or tablet without even
booting up the desktop. You can use it to wirelessly
cast content to the screen,

Say, from across the
room or from the couch If you are using this, Say, in a small space
as a primary display. You can also have it work like a smart TV, Streaming content online
with a future update That Lenovo says will be coming for it. They also include Alexa voice
control with the machine, So you can do smart home
control and things of that sort. In terms of the PC as a standalone PC, One of the big things on this Is that you actually get
a five megapixel webcam, Which was a far cry from the
much lower resolution webcams You get even in a lot
of really good laptop And AIO desktop PCs. So, if you’re doing a lot of Zooming, That’s actually a pretty
big plus for this machine. Apart from that, You get some matching
wireless peripherals with it, And there’s a bank of
JBL speakers up front, Which we haven’t heard in action But given the size of the bank, Looks like it might be able to put out Some pretty good sound
if you’re using this In, say, a dorm room or
a small living space. We’re going to show you a demo That Lenovo provided to us of
the Yoga AIO 7 in a moment, But to talk a little
bit about the components That are going to be inside, This is unusual in that this
machine uses AMD Ryzen CPUs, In this case, high powered mobile CB CPUs In the Ryzen 5 and Ryzen 7 H-series, Depending on which model you go with. There’s also dedicated graphics inside, RTX 2060,

GeForce RTX 2060, Which means you can definitely
do some serious gaming On this, probably at 1080p. I don’t know if I would
call it an ideal GPU For 4K gaming on this 4K screen, But you can certainly do 4K
gaming with some older games, And certainly very good 10
ADP gaming on this machine. So anyway, I’m going to bring up now Michael Grimsley of Lenovo, Who’s going to give a short demo Of the features of this machine. – First and foremost, On this you’ll notice the
fabric covered JBL speakers And the large 27 inch 4K display. Now, the display itself hits 99% DCI-P3 And Adobe RGB color gamut. So, anybody who’s looking
for an accurate color space Will have what they
need on the Yoga AIO 7. With a simple finger press, You can rotate the Yoga
all-in-one into portrait mode, And what’s great Is the content automatically
rotates with it. And this is going to be great For if you just want to read an article Or a webpage, maybe do some coding, Or if you just want to cast
some content from your phone. Turning this around to the sides, You can see on the left side
you’ve got your power button And a few other buttons For controlling your
monitor input settings. And on the other side,
you’ve got headphone jack, USB-A, type C, Which you can also connect
a separate laptop to And share content between the
all-in-one and your laptop.

And while we’re on this view Let’s go ahead and show
that 20 degree tilt, So you can see it leans all the way back. And when we rotate this around to the back You have a few more USB ports, ethernet And of course a nice
clean aesthetic overall. Now, the Yoga AIO 7 is great
for when you’re at home But I don’t think all of you Want to carry this to the coffee shop Every time you leave the house.

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