First Look: MSI GS77 Stealth

A 17-inch gaming laptop that you can actually carry around? That’s a tall order, but MSI might have pulled it off with the new, sub-6-pound Stealth GS77. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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– Hi, this is Brian Westover with PCMag, Bringing you our virtual
coverage of CES 2022. Today, we’re meeting with MSI, We’re working with Clifford
Chun, product manager at MSI, And he’s got some really
cool stuff to show us. We’re gonna start with MSI’s gaming gear. We’ve got some fantastic
new things to look at. Cliff, why don’t you show us what we have? – All right. Well, thank
you for having MSI. So, right in front of me
in here is the new design. This is our new Stealth GS77. So as you can see, we are trying To keep the very subtle, low key tone, All black, color hidden, the
dragon logo in the front, But we do design with the new hinge. The new hinge in here is going To be at least doubled the strength Comparing to the previous editions. We are also continuing To have a lot of different panel options All the way up to a 4K, Or, for example, 360
Hertz, full HD panels. On the keyboard side, we extended
the touch pad quite a bit Because some end users have been asking us That they want a taller touch
pad on their gaming keyboard. So that’s why we go ahead and add that. We still continue to have a per key RGB. And also the new cool things is the speakers. Over in here, as you can
see, is our front speakers, But it’s not only a two speakers design. This is actually a 60-side,
six speakers design. So we have a, one speaker’s up front, And one subwoofer’s upfront, One subwoofer, down on
bottoms on each side.

So it’s total of six speakers in there. Bottom wise, As you can see is a very clean design With a lot of cooling and you
can see a lot of heat pipes. So the cooling portion, We also have a little bit difference. So in our Stealth GS77 and alongside with
our Raider GE series, We are using a new cooling technologies Inside our Core i9 series. What we call the phase
change liquid metal pad. So it’s just a very unique products that It’s when the unit is
running and it’s getting hot, The thermal pad will become liquid metal. But when you’re not using
it and it’s cooled down, It will go back to a solid metal. So that way you have all the benefits of All the liquid metal pad, While you don’t have any of
the crystallizations or leakage Problems or any other problems that you Might have faced in liquid metal. So that is one of the very
cool things that we are Introducing in here. Obviously we still keeping the 99.9 hour, Watt-hour battery into the laptop. So you have the longest battery
that you could go around With you alongside with
a lot of different ports, Because a lot of people do
use this for work as well. So we actually adding
a webcam lock in here, Audio USBs, and then the other side, We also have the SD card and
the USB-C and that we kept In the more essentials,
mostly plopping stuff, Like the power, ethernet,
and HDMI port on the back. So the cables wouldn’t be on your way

If you’re using it on
whichever side that you have. – That’s awesome. So you’ve got the physical
switch for the webcam. What resolution does that
go up to, the webcam? – The webcam, essentially, is a full HD, It’s an infrared HR. So it’s also have the Windows hellos and, And a lot of different features as well. – Very cool. – Yeah. – And so under the hood, What are we looking at in terms of Processing and graphics are there? – All right. So CPU wise, We can push it all the way to Core i9, Obviously is the new Alder Lake, And the GPU wise, This can also push all
the way up to a 30 80TI. – Wow. That should, That should be pretty impressive
once you get it going. – Yup. That’s the, basically
we want to provide, you know, The top of the line experience For people even if they want
a thin light design in here. – And is a memory being upgraded as well? – Yup. Memory, this one will
also have the DDR5 Hence because we do
have the new Alder Lake. So, with this, we are
experiencing a lot faster Technologies as well. And also it’s have the, Like the GPU can also directly Communicate off from the memory so that It will go even faster. – Cool. That’s going to be fun to play around

With when we get it into the lab. – Definitely. We have been playing around
with this and we are very happy With it so far. – Very cool. Do you know when we can
expect to actually see it Hit shelves? – Yeah. So this one we’ll be able to
pre-order in January 25th, And then it will be shipping
to everybody by February 1st. – Okay. Very cool. We’re looking forward to that, But I see you’ve got
another machine right there Next to you. – Yep. So every year we
do have a special edition. Sometimes we do the dragon editions, But this year we co-work with Rainbow Six. So Rainbow Six is coming
out with a new game And hence the The new features that we’re
doing with Extraction. So you can see that we have
the Rainbow Six logo in here And underneath it that
you can’t really tell Is a LA map Because the game is
actually take place in LA, And then obviously wallpaper, Plus a lot of different
accessories along with it. The keyboard itself, We keeping the whole yellow-blue-ish
teal coat that the game Is coming. The WASD is a complete,
clear key alongside with, You know, all the cool
designs as well in the unit. So this one is our
special editions, our Crosshair 15. – Very cool. And what, What sort of hardware options
are available on that? – This one will go a
3070, or 3060’s options.

Also, this one will also can
go up to a Core i9 as well. – Okay. All right. I love that color scheme. That yellow really pops. – Yeah. This is, this
is not for everybody, But for people who really
want to show off, you know, What’s cool about this because usually Our special editions, we
only make a very small patch, So people will fight and try to Get ahold of this and try to
show off with their friends. – Very cool. And will that be available for pre-order? Or is that, first-come
first-served once it’s ready? – This one, this one, This one will also be ready by pre-order, But as I say, there is a
limited quantity, so, you know, If you can get ahold of it, Make sure you’ve placed
a pre-order right away. – Very cool. All right. Well Clifford,
thank you so much. We appreciate you taking the time. – Thank you for having us. – And we here at PCMag Will be looking at all of
these plus other MSI models, As soon as they’re available, Once we get them in for review. We’re PCMag, this is CES 2022, And we hope you come back to learn more.

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