First Look: Surface Duo 2, Microsoft’s Twin-Screen Android Gets a Reboot

PCMag’s Matthew Buzzi got a few minutes’ hands-on time with the sequel to Microsoft’s first foldable phone.

00:00 Introduction
00:16 Difference from original Duo
00:35 New camera
01:00 First impressions
01:35 Verdict and price

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– Hi, I’m Matthew Buzzi from PCMag, And I’m here with the
Microsoft Surface Duo 2. An improvement over the original, Which is a really interesting
concept in and of itself, But had room for improvement. And this time around, Microsoft
has added several features, Sort of tweaked the
design to make this idea That seems good on paper, even better. This is running on Android 11 So this is a true mobile device. It’s not a Windows phone
from back in the day. And the screen’s a little
bit bigger this time around. You’ve got a 5.8 inch display. It is 5G supported. It’s a Qualcomm Snapdragon
888 processor with 5G So that alone probably Piqued a couple of people’s interest. The camera also was one of
the areas that we targeted as Probably some of the biggest
room for improvement on the Original and this time, This sort of three lens array Lends itself to hopefully
better photo quality. Of course, a device like
this is something you Really do want to live with
and play with and kind of Use in your everyday life
before you can really Make a big judgment on it. So we will, of course,
spend more time with it When review units are available And give you a better verdict, but On the original first
sort of impressions here, I hope it’s good because
it’s really satisfying. It’s really a cool kind of
product that’s thin, light. Nothing quite like it. I know we’ve seen some
of the folding displays,

But this hinge is a really clever solution That doesn’t require the
screen itself folding, Which we know led to some issues. I really liked the
concept in and of itself And we will get back to you on how good The display quality is, How good the new camera quality is And all these features that
kind of make a good phone, A good phone to live with. But off the bat, I really liked the look
and feel of this thing. The bigger screens, the
faster performance, the 5G, This is all stuff that should
hopefully make it a big hit. This starts around $1,500,
definitely expensive. It is a high-end phone with
obviously two big displays. That’s inherently more expensive
than you’re going to see In most flagship smartphones, But that price brings it up
to nearly a high-end PC range. So I do understand if there’s
some hesitation there, But we will tell you
if it’s worth it again When we’re able to run the full review. I do like what I see a lot
here and hopefully the Duo 2 Will improve on its predecessor. Thank you so much for tuning in.

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