First Look: The HP Victus 15 Is a Minimalist Gaming Laptop for Under $1,000

This clean-looking 15-inch gaming laptop is targeting budget shoppers while still offering contemporary components. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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– Hi, I’m Matthew Buzzi with PCMag, And this is the HP Victus 15. The Victus line of HP is a
more budget friendly gaming Option, as opposed to the Omen line, Which is sort of premium
and pure power play. So the Victus… We’ve seen a couple systems Across a couple product
categories for Victus. And this is the 15” budget gaming laptop. Now, the white color,
obviously, not that common, Not entirely unique here, But something we saw
sometimes in gaming systems, And I think it stands out. It depends a little on the design, But I think they’ve done
well here with the logo And the all white finish. Full size number pad also, Not something you always get, Not something you always need, But some people like that: gamers, Or people who do work
on this laptop as well. If you’re buying a budget system, Maybe this is going to
be your only laptop. So being able to do everything
on it, well, is a plus. Now, as far as using this
laptop for everything, And doing a bit of gaming. Core i7 12th gen options on this system, Even though it’s a budget system H series processors, Which as we’ve seen in other systems, Always leads to good performance. Intel has had a pretty good baseline, And the 12th gen processors, Generally speaking, do impress us.

So we don’t expect this
to be much different. It does depend a little
bit on the wattage, And exactly how it’s configured. But generally speaking
of 12th gen Core i7, H series processor will give
you pretty good performance. On the graphics side, goes
up to in NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti, Which is a budget sort of
entry level GPU to be sure. You can’t really expect that much More than that for under
a thousand dollars, But we also have to
give it a little credit. The 3060 is quite a good
card and the 3050 Ti, A bit less than that. But if you’re aiming to do full HD, Sort of 60 frames per second gaming, Some titles will be able to hit that. The most demanding, maybe not, But generally speaking this
will give you solid performance. So stay tuned for a full review, And benchmarks on this system. It looks promising, obviously, There’s a lot of people out there Who can’t buy the super high end, And super expensive laptops that we see. Only a few people have
the budget for that. But this should be sort
of a more mass market, And more mass appeal option
for the gamers in your life. So stay tuned for a full review And check back for our benchmarks.

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