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Fitbit’s premium, pricey Sense smartwatch puts a focus on your well-being with the ability to measure and monitor your stress, heart rhythm, skin temperature variation, and blood oxygen saturation. is your ultimate destination for tech reviews and news.

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The new fitbit sense smartwatch offers Many of the features you want and need To monitor your health amid a global Pandemic At 329.95 it’s the company’s priciest Wearable yet But it packs sensors to measure the Amount of oxygen in your blood As well as changes in your skin Temperature stress level And heart rhythm all that in addition to The robust Sleep and fitness tracking features Fitbit is known for Its selection of downloadable apps pales In comparison to what’s available on the Apple watch But it offers some welcome smartwatch Features including Amazon alexa support pandora and spotify Music controls And fitbit pay mobile payments its Attractive design Bright screen and long battery life add To its appeal That said the census 329.95 price Might give you pause especially in light Of the new apple watch se Which starts at 50 less the sense offers More advanced health monitoring features Though Including eda ecg sp02 And skin temperature sensors meanwhile Apple’s cost-conscious wearable offers a

Much wider selection of apps And better integration with the iphone For calls and texts The apple watch sc also offers some nice Health and safety features of its own Including an automatic hand washing Countdown timer And fall detection ultimately both are Solid options depending on your Priorities If you’re in the market for an Attractive wearable with long battery Life and a focus On health and wellness the sense is Worth a look If the sense is out of your budget Fitbit’s new versa 3 Is another option it lacks some of the More advanced Health tracking sensors but it includes Many other sense features Like an integrated gps 24 7 Heart rate tracking sleep monitoring Guided breathing sessions amazon alexa Spotify and fitbit pay and it’s a Hundred dollars less

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