Focals smart glasses | CES 2019

Focals by North are smart glasses that come with a personal heads up display that features calendar, weather, navigation and built-in Amazon Alexa.

Vocals are a first everyday a pair of Smart glasses that look great you can Wear all day and you can use to Basically keep in touch with the people And things that matter to you while Staying present in your surroundings in The real world around you Company’s been around for just over six Years and we started with our first Product the Myo armband was a gesture Control armband for five years ago now We really built that product for the Next generation of personal computing Things like heads-up displays and Augmented reality and then what we saw With that market didn’t really take off Nearly as quickly as we thought it would And especially in the smart glasses Space there was nothing on the roadmap That even looked like a good product Coming and so we’ve decided to take our Destiny into our own hands and build the First kind of good-looking pair of smart Glasses and ourselves and that’s we’ve Been working on for the past 45 years We’ve done tons of different studies and Talk to people focus groups that sort of Thing but really the thing that Convinced us was about a year Year-and-a-half before launch we started Running a beta program with early kind Of alpha hardware and people actively Just the things that people latched on To in the product like using Amazon

Alexa while they’re cooking to manage a Bunch of different timers while their Hands are busy and all the different Things we saw people start to use it for Through that beta program really kind of Cemented for us the value in a form Factor it also really showed us the Importance of nailing the form factor And nailing something that people are Comfortable wearing all day every day Both from an appearance perspective but Also just You know Wade comfort and that sort of Thing I think the two biggest things are That they took the approach of taking a Piece of technology first and then Figuring out how to put that on your Face and when you do that you’re Naturally going to end up with something That probably doesn’t look that great Whereas we took the opposite approach Which was start with designing something As a pair of eyewear first the second Thing is the actual experiences and Software on the glasses themselves and You can’t just take everything that’s on Your phone or your computer and paste it Up here in front of you that’s just Gonna be more distracting it’s not gonna Be a great experience it’s not gonna Leverage those the benefits of this form Factor and so we’ve again kind of taken The opposite approach at Google and Others

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