Foldimate laundry folding robot

Foldimate is a home laundry folding robot that can fold a variety of garments like shirts, towels, pants, pillowcases with plans to add more in the future. The company has shown off a prototype, with the final device slated for availability in 2019.

Why don’t we have something like a Dishwasher for folding we have a dryer Wherever washer where is the is the Dishwasher for folding and that’s that What inspired me to start working on Folding folding laundry with a machine Is a pain you know Fabric is really really difficult for Engineering and if you think about it You have so many types of items in your Laundry and so many fabric flower types And you need to make a technology that Will handle all of them together not Only handle them but fold them in a Reasonable quality at speed and don’t Forget the part of cost and size of Course so you have a lot of machines Today that are industrialized but there Are room size they cost tens of Thousands of dollars and usually they Can fold only one item very well we’re Doing the majority of items that you Have in an average laundry load we can Do shirts we can do the towels pants Even pillowcases but we we said these Are the most laborious items and for Example all the small items like Undergarment and large items like linen Right now they’re not in our focus the Large because the machine will have to Be larger and the small because I think We can do it faster by by hand we’ve had Multiple prototypes along the way in Multiple models that go to different

Markets and the last one the Home Version we’ve been working on it for two Years already we’re aiming to launch Folding it or at least the first units Will shape towards the end of 2019 it’s Very very challenging and we’re really Trying to make that deadline but as you Know this is a development stage so We’ll keep everyone apprised but right Now still on target and of [Music] You

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