Fortnite: Miles Morales Announced, Teaser Revealed

Foreign [Music] Fortnite Miles Morales announced teaser Revealed after months of rumors and Leaks epic games has officially Announced the arrival of Miles Morales In fortnite with a teaser video released Today according to leaker if you're a Monkey the latest crossover will feature Limited time quests with free cosmetic Rewards these new quests are set to run From May 18th to June 8th and will Include challenges that involve using The Mythic web shooters item during this Time spider Gwen will also return to the Island in the form of an interactable NPC Miles Morales item shop set is Expected to contain two new outfits two Backlings an emote spray and emoticon The spray and emoticon will most likely Be exclusive to a bundle containing the Full set for a discounted price to stay Up to date with latest top stories make Sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video more information on the new Cosmetics is expected to be shared Tomorrow we'll keep you updated Thank you [Music]

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