Funai nail art printer | CES 2019

Funai debuts a personal nail art printer with a companion smartphone app to select and print designs on your nails.

[Music] It’s a digital nail printer so it allows You to have any image whether it’s a Logo whether it’s photographs whether It’s text to have them very easily Printed on your hand so you can go and Have a different look almost every Single day what it uses it is a little Ink cartridge we’re actually a printer Company and we print something like a Hundred and twenty million printer Cartridges a year now we’re taking that Technology and that expertise and we’re Applying it to a new kind of fun Exciting area which is the digital home Nail printer so what you do is you put On a base layer which it’ll be allow you To get your color on then then we put Put on our image and then you choose to Put on a hardened or after that so Generally I’m told it’s about a week but It depends on fun wear and tear as well Yeah we are sending them into van They’re doing pretty well we’re sending The maunder under license what we’re Gonna do is we’ll bring them in in three Ways – to North America where we’re Bringing them to the to the salon Channel when you go to your salon you Can go in and get it done there We’re taking it to beauty stores like The people who do sell cosmetics and They can provide it as an add-on service And then we’re selling it to the hole

Which is why we’re here at CES It’ll cost around four hundred fifty Dollars being supplies we don’t have a Price on those quite yet but your your It’s a very low cost of ownership if you Look at that cost of treatment it’s it Kind of pays for itself within a year Depending on how often do you go but Generally speaking and we think it’s a Lot of fun like people will go and They’ll have little parties and and and And it’s another reason just to get Together have a little fun

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