Gender Bias Prevalent In Gynecological Science

Gender Bias Prevalent In Gynecological Science.
‘The time has come for women to dominate the discipline that is meant to care for their health,’ says Avnoon.
A study published Sunday by Israel’s Tel Aviv University found a shocking amount of gender bias within the field of gynecological science, detailing a focus on reproduction rather than women’s health which they credit to masculine dominance.
The preliminary study, conducted by Dr.
Netta Avnoon and published in Nature Reviews Urology, found that most research in the field of gynecology focuses on childbirth and reproduction rather than women’s health and well-being.
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Avnoon analyzed the titles of international scientific journals in the ‘gynecology and obstetrics’ category and found that 49 percent were dedicated solely to reproductive functions, pregnancy, fetuses and childbirth.
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