Get Diablo 4 Early Beta Access By Buying A KFC Sandwich

Get Diablo 4 Early Beta Access By Buying A KFC Sandwich.
Blizzard and KFC are partnering to offer early access to Diablo 4’s beta.
If you buy a Double Down (or any eligible sandwich) at KFC, you’ll get a free early access code for Diablo 4.
Eligible sandwiches are the Double Down and the Kentucky Fried Chicken Sandwich.
What is the Double Down?
It’s a returning limited-edition sandwich and is essentially a monstrous Frankenstein combination of two chicken breasts taking the place of the bun, with bacon and cheese in the middle.
You’ll have to purchase the sandwiches on KFC’s website or through the mobile app.
The deal is also only active between March 9-18 and is limited to US customers only.
Each customer is limited to one code.
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Diablo 4’s early beta access runs between March 17-19.
For those who don’t want to eat a KFC sandwich, open beta access runs from March 24-26.

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