Giro launches new Aries Spherical helmet

Giro launches new Aries Spherical helmet.
On Thursday, Giro announced the launch of the Aries Spherical helmet.
The Aries is lighter and cooler than its predecessor, the Aether, and features Spherical Technology.
The helmet keeps riders cool by using Giro’s DryCore sweat management system.
DryCore uses an internal silicone bead to redirect moisture away from your brow.
This feature also ensures you won’t get sweat dripping in your eyes on a hot ride.
“A new high-end road helmet from Giro is always is big news, but the Aries Spherical is like nothing before,” Peter Nicholson, Giro brand manager said.
“As cycling-helmet gains become incremental, Giro engineers truly make the difference with all the resources at their disposal here in Scotts Valley at our Dome R & D facility.”
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The Aries has a small and sleek shape, which explains its lighter weight.

Foreign [Music] Launches new Aries spherical helmet on Thursday gyro announced the launch of The Aries spherical helmet the Aries is Lighter and cooler than its predecessor The Ether and features spherical Technology the helmet keeps writers cool By using Gyro's dry course wet Management system dry core uses an Internal silicone bead to redirect Moisture away from your brow this Feature also ensures you won't get sweat Dripping in your eyes on a hot ride a New high-end Road helmet from gyro is Always as big news but the Aries Spherical is like nothing Before Peter Nicholson gyro brand manager said as Cycling helmet gains become incremental Gyro Engineers truly make the difference With all the resources at their disposal Here in Scotts Valley at ardome r d Facility to stay up to date with latest Top stories make sure to subscribe to This YouTube channel by clicking the Button above this video the Aries has a Small and Sleek shape which explains its Lighter weight the lid comes in at 265 Grams for a size medium the ball and Socket design with a mips Multi-directional impact protection System creates additional protection Upon impact these features redirect Energy and reduces forces on the brain

The interior frame moves so that impact Is absorbed more on the outer fit wise The helmet features the tried and true Rock lock system to ensure the helmet Sits firmly on your head key features Spherical technology mips brain Protection system Progressive layering Nanobia Depp's foam or a two Reinforcement Arch 24 Vents and deep Internal channeling dry core sweat Management in mold construction full Lower hard body coverage dry core sweat Management ionic plus antimicrobial Padding sizes s m and L price 430 Dollars Foreign [Music]

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