Give thanks for the saving on this projector and screen bundle!

Give thanks for the saving on this projector and screen bundle!
For those who want to be thankful for this season, here’s a big one: Black Friday came early, and you can save on two hot items: a 1080P projector and a 40 inch portable screen.
At the $59.8 auction, the proceeds will go to November 23rd at 11 o’clock.
That is far less than the purchase of each item in our shop.
The Wemax Go which scaled almost 1975,000 dollars on Indiegogo is used by the laser beamer to process supersharp images to a wide 100 square inch, the laser beaming at 300 lumens.
That’s bright enough to see even in full sunlight.
It owns USB-C port and a mobile app, you can connect the projector to your tablet or phone via wifi.
The Wemax Go packs all the technology in a package not bigger than a smartphone, so you can deliver impressive presentations or stream movies from Netflix or Roku anywhere the party goes.
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