Glovo delivers anything you want

This super-lean, surprisingly popular delivery app expanded out of Spain into Italy and South America and filled the niche that Seamless and Postmates fills in bigger US cities.

Is there anything you can’t ship well Pretty much we use bicycles and Motorbikes to the size we’re limited on Size and obviously anything illegal a Fridge not yet [Music] What does global do a lot of people in The states don’t actually know and we Pretty much bring anything you want Within your city and the question of Minutes around 30 minutes our Glover’s For the careers they’ll go and buy Anything from any store restaurant and Bring it to you through our app so I Worry that we did this back in 1999 what Change that lets you do this now here in Barcelona and especially in in all the Cities that you’re in now well I think The world’s Mobile now and that’s the Big difference Do you have an app and everybody has one Mobile phone and the tree even you know Order anything you want well our Something a little bit about the team And some of the cities that you’re You’re attacking right now Global’s headquarters in Barcelona we Have local teams in each of the Countries that we’ve launched in so We’ll have satellite offices and in Paris Milan and Portugal and now in Latin America in terms of software Development we do all of it in-house so We bring in the best engineers and

Designers from around the world really To work on this product So what’s artists think about designing For a global audience it’s really easy To fall into the trap of building out Features that are only applicable to one One or two markets one of our core Design principles is always build out Features that we know we can deliver Across multiple markets of course Adjusting them as they go it’s not a Small start-up but it’s a fairly small Start-up in a European city what are you Guys worried about in terms of Competition well I mean I think we’ve Got to be key to you know focus on our Plan which is pretty much delivering Anything and that’s a big differentiator In Europe we don’t have a major Competitor in that space you know There’s a lot of companies that Specialize on food delivery we also do That we’ll bring you know food from the Best restaurants in the city but we also Bring from any store or look up anything So as longer on that and executing well You know we’ll have the early Mueller Advantage so I think we’re pretty Confident that we’re we’re doing things Well okay do you guys ever go to stores Anymore you just blow everything I glow Everything [Music] Don’t you miss going to a restaurant

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