Goodnight Oppy drops on Amazon Prime today. Here’s a quick look at the beloved Mars Opportunity

Goodnight Oppy drops on Amazon Prime today.
Here’s a quick look at the beloved Mars Opportunity Rover.
Goodnight Oppy, the Steven Spielberg-produced documentary was acquired by Amazon Studios following its first screening at the 2022 Telluride Film Festival.
We take you through the life and legacy of Opportunity and its journey across the Mars horizon.
Written and directed by Ryan White, the film tells the story of Opportunity – affectionately nicknamed Oppy – a Mars rover launched in 2003 that originally was expected to operate for only 90 sols (the Mars equivalent for days) but explored Mars for nearly 15 years.
The film features archival and interview footage with scientists and engineers, and recreations of the rover’s treks over the Martian landscape in search of water.
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The film is narrated by Wakanda Forever ’s Queen Ramonda herself, Angela Bassett, with visual effects work from Industrial Light & Magic (the company that brought you Star Wars ) and archival footage provided by NASA and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

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