Google vs. ChatGPT for Hackers #shorts

On stream we looked into the ping vulnerability and I had to look up some structs. With ChatGPT it was so simple compared to googling it.

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For example we were looking at you know The the patch for Ping and we asked About what is the definition for the Struct IP like let’s compare how do I Find this struct definition in Google Struct IP definition and then this is Probably my best guess find this here And then I see in here uh okay code so Where exactly does t where’s it now Exactly distract so I press Ctrl F try To find it struct IP ah there it is it’s In the middle of this file and now oh my God it’s like depending on the byte Order now I have to think about like I Don’t know like there’s some if defines This stuff while I just type it here can You show me the struct IP definition and It just like told me even where it’s From it starts explaining it as well What is the size of struct Ip it just Told us it’s 20 bytes even with example Code how you could figure it out if you Don’t trust it you could also copy and Paste and verify this now

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