Gungrave: GORE Review – A Gory, Gothic Power Fantasy (PS5)

Gungrave: GORE Review – A Gory, Gothic Power Fantasy (PS5)

Gungrave: GORE has been a long time coming for long-time fans of the franchise like myself.
It has been twenty years since the last entry in the series dropped for PS2 and following years of delays, Gungrave: GORE is finally here in all of its over-the-top, deadly, gothic glory.
The question that everyone is asking is; was this thing worth the wait?
In order to adequately answer that question, you must first ask yourself another question; what are you looking for in Gungrave: GORE?
If your answer is; a silly, tanky, pretty, gory, stiff, gothic power fantasy, then you will likely feel as if it was worth the wait.
However, if you were expected something with a bit more flow, then you may be left somewhat disappointed.
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Gungrave: GORE releases on November 22nd, 2022, on PC,  Playstation  and  Xbox  consoles.

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