Hackathon Finals | Disrupt SF 2018

Finalists from our first-ever virtual Hackathon will take the stage to pitch their wares.

[Music] Everybody really good to see you all Thank you for coming out to the disrupt Virtual hackathon so we did things a Little bit differently this year for one Thing it was all virtual and exciting Which meant that people pitched their Ideas for the hackathon online we had More than 120 projects that participated With more than a thousand people Involved in actually pitching stuff Which is kind of Awesome we invited we Went through all these projects invited The 30 top projects to come here to San Francisco to participate in disrupt and Over the last couple of days our judges Over here have selected the top ten These top ten will come up on stage with Me today and pitch for two minutes to Kind of tell what they’ve been doing and Then it will take some questions from Our judges so judges we have five Amazing judges who have a breadth of Experience and really know the space of Software and hardware and everything in Between so we have Marilee Nika who is a Product manager at Google we have Sasha Chu who is a tech lead at Pinterest John Egan who is the head of partner Partnership engineering at slack we have Wendy McKennon who’s a deep VP of Products and UX over at color genomics And finally Jen Taylor there you are Who’s the head of product at CloudFlare

So my fantastic judges over here are Going to cost a judging eye I suppose on The startups are about to start pitching And I think we should get on with it Oh before I do the top startup here who Wins ends up winning $10,000 from TechCrunch and there’s a load of Additional sponsors who I’ll go over Right at the end who’ve offered Additional prizes for some of the most Interesting startups that are happening Or some of the most interesting Hackathon participants who have been Pitching with us without further adieu With their two minutes and I do mean two Minutes because our gonna be really Really mean if they go over there just Kind of running beating them off the Stage kind of thing the first on stage Is polls Hello polls come out up cannot know We’re around and not pulse around oh Okay around okay and this is art right Here Okay and my hdmi is technology a little Bit the end of us all Hello no no okay okay yeah there’s a Dongle for it somebody took my dongle hi Everyone Perfect Okay we’re gonna project him all right Let’s pretend that I’m reppin the first Team up around hello in a few years Augmented reality is going to change our

World just like the smartphone did 10 Years ago it’s going to enhance our Senses in ways we can barely imagine Today if you don’t get on board today by The time the revolution starts you’re Gonna get left behind so I took on the TomTom challenge to build an augmented Reality app and let me show you how this Works okay so that’s me up there you’re Seeing my augmented reality view and it Is a tool for querying the world around Us I didn’t get to eat lunch today so I Have a voice interface on this app and I’m getting kind of hungry so let’s look For pizza okay we got some pizza places There they are and spread around oh that One looks pretty good not too far away So this got the data from Tom Tom Spatially recognized where they are Mapped into the a our view and arrayed That around me I can now contact them if She goes online there she is hi pizza Place my name is Ed I have a group of About 120 how long is the wait 10 Minutes perfect I look forward to it We’ll see you soon okay so now I’ve Talked with my vendor and I’m gonna go Get there so I have a villi to get maps They’ll take me right there and the demo Gods Jesus we will get routing so this Is around it’s a way to query and Interact with the real world around you Coming to glasses around your on your Face in three to five years thank you

Very much Thank you around for a really good Demonstration judges do you have any Questions for them there should be some Microphones right in front of you so Super cool I’m hungry too so I like the Overlaying of the the maps and stuff Like that where else do you see this Where else do you see this going well I Think people visitors it’s a discovery Play basically any place where people Are trying to learn about their Environment much like that the phones Are being used today eventually that’s Going to move to a new environment and So any Discovery system now that’s where We want to be is I think the future will Be the people who have that conduit I Think one of the great things about this Though is we’re gonna learn a lot more About you we’re gonna learn what your Gaze goes where what you’re if you’re Anxious or I have anxiety about your Environment all those things to be read In metrics and I know 15 years ago we’ve Been creeped out about people watching Our browsing history but today we don’t Give it a second thought so I think Those metrics and things that we’ll be Able to collect on people will give us a Lot more insights into our population Data so any other questions Okay thank you so much around and next Up onstage is Crohn’s manager

[Applause] Straight to text message [Applause] I think there’s an extra special things That happens when the demagogues get to Us which means that the person is about To present is now more nervous than They’ve been in their life and we do That just to see how good they’re are This because we’re krill cruel horrible Bastards right it looks like we’re ready To demo so his passcode was all right Here is Chrome’s manager with their demo Yeah I know my passwords so all right hi Everybody so my name is Ariane Hardison When I was 16 years old I was diagnosed Crohn’s and like anybody I tried to find Out a lot of information but all of this Stuff here is really hard to digest no Pun intended but or when I was 21 I tell Ya so I took a lot of medicines a lot of It’s gonna keep doing that I bet yeah so When I was 21 I got really really sick And I went and stayed with this lady Virginia Harper she made this book it’s Called controlling Crohn’s disease Naturally so what she does she cook me I Could barely walk when I went there and By the time I left I was running two Miles a day that’s eleven days it was $800 a day and as soon as I left I Started getting sick again the problem Was I couldn’t manage this diet there Was so much to do between her checking

In on me looking at my symptoms changing My foods and just every single thing That she went through to sort of help me Sorry this is really kind of hard to Help me make sure that my condition was Okay so because I couldn’t follow this Diet I got sicker and sicker and sicker So I made Crohn’s manager and what Crohn’s manager does is it uses natural Language processing to extract the to Track this corpus into a knowledge graph And allow you to query that knowledge Graph via SMS so for example this book Here is written by Ginni Harper so if I Say Follow I want to follow Jenny [Applause] Harper if I say follow Jenny Harper are You ready to start cure Crohn’s in 90 Days yes that’s one of the programs that She runs so everything from that program Is in the knowledge graph that is run by This so I say yes yes all right so now I Say okay now I’m subscribed to that Program So I say what’s for lunch what’s for Lunch well that’s for lunch and SCD Burger and yogurt because that program Is based on this simple carbohydrate Diet so all the meal plans and all the Options and everything from there we’ll Come back when I ask for what for this Meal it works for that meal I can then If I let’s say that doesn’t work for me

I can follow another one our cure Crohn’s naturally follow Mott Okay enough right there with you out of Time there do we have any questions from The judges please what would your next Platform be other than SMS I’ve already Added Google assistant so that you can Know I’m an Alexa so you can sort of ask This smart speaker certain questions About how you’re doing or key Performance indicators it doesn’t just Take the knowledge about mil plans it Takes key performance indicators Nutrient guidelines nutritional settings Essentially any dietary protocol that You’re supposed to follow is then Extract it and set into a protocol it Follows you throughout your day making Sure that you follow it so if you look Here one uses a you can take take a Picture of everything you eat it Automatically recognizes well you take a Picture of whatever you eat you just Image recognition automatically Recognizes what you ate logs the Nutrients in that so that the next time You log symptoms it says okay well that Thing did call is a trigger food or Isn’t the trigger food so essentially it Turns it publishes this static book as An interactive AI that you can that Learns about you and sort of customizes Itself just for you as you go throughout Your day so instead of having to read

All this and change your life it sort of Does it all for you as far as giving Them the credits for this right now if She sells this book on Amazon nineteen Dollars she gets about six dollars I’ve Set it up so that these are Subscriptions so this would be about a $19 subscription she would get 70% of That subscription I would get 30% so any Author that currently has a book that no One can follow like a diet book or Health-glo can use this tool to turn Their book into an interactive health Coach that people can text message and Get a real-time feedback for I’m really Working hard to make the graphics Tractor a lot better right now I’m using Alt K for my natural language processing And a lot of custom models but I have a Lot of work to do on those it took a Little bit of massaging but I was able To get two of the books with no Massaging and you know people are Actually using them I have a couple hundred users using it Right now a daily that I went to every Crone’s book on Facebook and just sort Of ping them all and talked to them and Got them using and they’re helping me Sort of you know tweak things out that Is absolutely awesome thank you so much For your demo that was Crone’s manager a Chat bot based way of doing recipe and Diet adherence so next up is face styler

With face Tyler up on stage please [Applause] In today’s ultra personalized influencer Driven economy users want to be able to Try and buy the web in a single tap to Enable that I’m here today to introduce Face styler An augmented reality meets artificial Intelligent beauty and style advisor That enables any user with a clear face Photo to extract things like makeup Jewelry I wear and even facial hair and Create AR filters to try on-the-fly We are democratizing and dramatically Reducing the cost of AR filters no Longer you beholdin to developers to Create them you can literally show any Face to the camera and extract them Influencers are able to create looks and Instantly share them with their Followers to try and buy and the links For the products use appear next to the Filter retailers are able to create a Truly memorable in-store experience by Allowing users to try on virtually every Product in the store before making their Product selection on the front end users Create look books which they can store And go back to for future purchase we’re Available on iOS Android and WebGL which Means you can try and buy at home at Work or on-the-go on the back end Retailers receive robust analytics about Things like facial structure complexion

Style and beauty preferences and they’re Able to use artificial intelligence to Make smart recommendations for products That we know that our customers will Love face styler will dramatically Change the way you shop while we’re Using facial tracking and focused on Things like jewelry and makeup right now The next iteration of face styler will Include body tracking meaning that you Can try on clothing shoes watches and Anything else that you can think of you No longer need to receive five or ten Products in the mail and return anything That doesn’t work out you can try before You buy we’re available right now so we Hope that you’ll join us and have your Own personal beauty and style consultant Thank you And two extra points for sticking to the Time exactly questions were the judges Yes so as you think about this in the Roadmap for it going forward do you see This more something that’s like a Standalone application or do you see This more as a technology that ends up Getting kind of license and embedded in A variety of different laces so we’re Actually exploring both avenues we’ve Had a lot of interest from beauty and Style companies for white labeling this For their own use which i think is great Because right now it’s very expensive We’ve gotten quotes from anywhere from

Twenty to sixty thousand dollars a month For other products to use them and a lot Of that is because the developers need To build those filters where our Extraction technology is unique and it Basically enables the brand to manage it In-house however we also think that with The influencer economy there’s a massive Opportunity here to create a community Within our app so that influencers can Push these things in real time so I do a Makeup tutorial I can literally use any Smartphone or webcam take a picture of My face and within seconds instead of Just a link under my Instagram photo That says hey buy my eyeliner you can Say hey come try on my eyeliner and if You like it the links appear on the side Of the filter and you can click them and It directs them with the affiliate Marketing link so that the revenue share Happens so we think that there’s Actually room to do both you touched on This a little bit but how much work do Real retailers have to do to integrate With the platform little to none so we Can integrate that into their onboarding Process for the web so if you think of An eyewear company as they’re uploading Pictures to their own website of eyewear Because of the extraction technology it Can simultaneously push it into their Platform so it truly does reduce the Cost like by magnitudes because of the

Extraction technology it’s obviously Quite a mature product how much of this Was done in the run-up to the hackathon Unison is insanely talented she built This in five days that is incredible Thank you so much guys thank you All right that was face styler which Means I don’t ever have to show up on Stage wearing these granite glasses Again which is a good thing Next up we have Hart partner Hart Partner up to the stage please Alexa switch accounts sturdy pounds I don’t hear anything The video I’m gonna ask her again if she’s ready Alexa switch accounts now in David’s Account Alexa switch accounts now in Dave’s account grandpa went to Africa in The 1930s he was a cardiologist and he Was fascinated that giraffes didn’t pass Out when they bent over to take a drink If a person bends over and takes a drink Below their knees they’re gonna pass out In about 25 seconds over the course of The next 20 years he invented the Arterial bypass machine his student Christian Barnard performed the first Heart transplant today millions of People are the benefactors of that at The end of it their doctor gives them Incredibly complex instructions they go Home 50% of them take their meds and Less than 20% of them change their diet

And change their physical activity I’m Here to pick up where grandpa left off Alexa open heart partner great Dave Light housing sorry about that I had a Frog in my throat let’s get started Today we’ll begin with a breathing test And then I’ve got a great article on Restaurant ordering you can say breathe And we’ll start the test or skip and we Can do it later Exit lots of cool medical tech is going After the one percent problem we’re here For the other 99 there’s a couple cool Things about it we are connected into All EMRs and a nursing team and a host Of wearables number two the coolest Thing is voice can become super boring So before we say one word we go through A five-step process which starts with How engages the person so how long can I Talk standards of caring content a layer Of personality wee bit for anyone way to Say something we build it in modules to Say at 250 ways so it doesn’t become Boring and then security last year we Paid three million doctors or doctors Three million dollars to let us provide This service to their patients The disrupt is we fundamentally well we Help people and we fundamentally changed The economics of the patient which Enables like we think in ten years a Drug company is gonna move like IBM from Ninety percent Hardware ten percent

Service to the inverse that pharma Companies kind of the poster child for Non accountable care it’s gonna switch How they make money I think I’m out of Time I’m afraid thank you very much not Afraid there we go my lovely judges any Questions well that means you did the Best pitch of the day so far thank you So much Know giraffes were injured in the Production of this all right thank you So much hard partner next up is Yanis I Hope I pronounced that right Dundee three With audio coming down Oh someone Good go for your life thank you so Health care is one of the most Technically challenging and costly Activities in society and this is Especially true for treatment intensive Conditions such as heart failure in These areas analytics technology Combined with the growing availability Of data can provide a more efficient Personalized and predictive healthcare Experience Janus is the fastest easiest Way to analyze health data just by Talking to it so let’s get some data can We connect to Fitbit so this data could Also be from your iPhone health kit this Could also be EKG data and you see we Have a brief overview of our data Janus Has also made a kind of a brief

Assessment that our activity has Decreased but let’s take this a step Further Janus can even identify complex trends From discrete data sources can I talk to You how are you feeling Brian I felt Worse today than previous days I’m very lethargic and I went up the Stairs earlier and had to sit down for a While afterwards because I was short of Breath but I did sleep well last night Though so I guess that was good I am Concerned about decreased heart rate and Physical activity in the last 72 hours Let me contact your physician and I will Get back to you momentarily At which point your physician might be Contacted and I hope you can hear this It’s not an emergency but tell him to Come in as soon as you can so through a Unique application of technology Janus Provides a faster and more personalized Healthcare experience but I want to Leave you with this this voice analytics Idea is bigger than heart failure this Technology can be applied to many other Treatment intensive conditions such as Dermatology or surgery and even outside Of hard care in finance analyzing Large-scale data sets and modeling fraud Or in corporate or sales analyzing Performance and Creating reports the key is pairing a Data vacuum with a sophisticated

Analytics engine and offering it through The most intuitive interface known to All of us our voice actually thank you So much do we have any questions from The judges does if it does the position Need anything or is it just another Message So it’s scaling out one of these things Actually in healthcare to build a Business a very challenging thing to do For many reasons Where we want to sit is giving patients The ability to own their data so kind of Sitting within the patient’s data bubble So to speak as much as we can we’ll do That in this particular demo it’s Compelling to be able to reach out to a Physician when it’s needed to be done Jana’s can do that and be kind of the Liaison between both if it needs to I Was really impressed by how well the Voice recognition actually picked up the Key like sentiments in that how does That work so I’m glad you asked So Janus leverages one API for speech to Text but the actual recognition and kind Of analytics ability in the dialogue That’s custom built and I would really Love to be able to patent that someday Okay well you better get on that then Because now you don’t like all these People about it yeah they still gotta Know how to build it though sure except It looks really interesting any further

Questions just following up on that then So how are you getting the training data For this how are you for the healthcare For the voice so there are many types of Machine learning the example I use is Just rule-based so I’m pulling out Pretty simplistic concepts from the Actual data with more data more scale Time to customize the product we might Be able to build out something more Neural network based kind of machine Learning but right now it’s pretty Simplistic on the back end yeah awesome Thank you so much thank you [Applause] Right that was Janus next up on stage we Have our block our block up on stage Please [Applause] Calling 911 is old it’s been the method Of communication between civilians and Police for more than 40 years Sounds of crimes go unreported every Year because it’s simply not efficient And too time-consuming finally with all The new data aggregation tools that we Have there’s so much data that it’s Simply not scalable by empowering the Community and leveraging real-time data Sharing our block aims to revolutionize Crime reporting between civilians and Police meet sue Sousa walking downtown When she realizes a sufficient person is Walking outside of a house with a bag

She doesn’t end up reporting this Because she thinks it is not relevant This data ends up being lost we’re team Of computer science students who want to Empower the community so we built our Block off three platforms our block is Fast and leverages deep learning to Classify crimes user data and location To create reports all in under 30 Seconds our block leverages the power of Community allowing civilians to search Update and view crimes around them while Being recorded and receiving tokens Lastly our block is serverless And is scaled on a distributed network So costs are fixed and no physical Infrastructure is needed for our block We developed two applications one is a Mobile iOS app for civilians and the Other is a desktop applications for Police forces on the mobile side we can See that there’s a heat map for looking At crimes around your area and there’s a Way to report crimes as well when we Move over to the search function we can Search for crimes that have occurred Around you and you get notifications for Any crimes that you’re involved in or Have a reported Lastly whenever a crime that you Submitted gets resolved successfully or You helped resolve a crime you get a Token that you can exchange for some Sort of real-world compensation on the

Police side we are trying to make things More efficient by using neural networks To better allocate resources and we’re Using all of the big data that we gather And presenting it in a beautiful manner For police to use as well let’s walk Through Sue’s example so sue saw crime Go down and then she can basically Create a Work within our block she can submit This report and our adult CQ algorithms Will automatically classify it we vote At the police dashboard and it’ll Automatically appear with all the Information as well as the location and A severity that’s decided by a number of Different things and thank you very much That’s your time any questions from our Panel yeah I’m just wondering how do you Think about abuse scenarios with a Product like that in terms of abuse I’m Guessing you’re referring to spam right Or it could be things like profiling or Targeting that sort of thing Definitely so that’s a really big Concern that we had if we can flip this Slide actually yeah so in terms of what We can do we are you’re gonna be using a Divided by directional LS TM and looking At a bunch of if you’re trying to Acquire training data right now but We’re gonna be training it to filter out Spam and look at any sort of underlying Biases as well what if I want to make a

Report anonymously maybe I know wanna be Visible yeah so we actually have that Feature there’s a keep report private Feature in which both the civilians and Police can turn on for high-profile Crimes so that everything is private and Only tips can be added but civilians Can’t view previous tips and location Data for example have you thought about The gamification aspect of it in terms Of rewarding people through through Tokens what kind of incentives is that Going to create definitely so I can sort Of answer a bit of that so we’re trying To think of there is that if someone Submits a report and gets a token in We’re gonna be partnering to community Partners like maybe a local coffee store Something like that and if we report Something is successfully then these Coffee stores will be willing to give Out sort of free drinks or whatever Because they’re benefiting the community As well the specific example you Mentioned was to replace 911 do you Think this is going to be a sensible way Of making sure that civilians give all The information needed for a emergency Call and so the purpose of our system is Not to replace 911 altogether at the Moment it’s to kind of get the midway Between making a 9-1-1 call and not Making one and people end up choosing Not to make one but so police don’t have

Access to this data but we’re able to Get this data using the system so please Just have more access data in a long run Okay thank you so much [Applause] All right thank you so much one block Next up on the chopping block is problem Power which I imagine is Elon Musk’s Next next company problem power Rexie does he’s waking it up Oh is it huh there’s an app from bein The Alexa All right Okay Yeah Alright alright good to go alright so I’m a high school senior I’m a full-time high school student and One of the big problems I noticed is That teachers spend a lot of time Creating worksheets and in lesson plans Outside the classroom and that takes Anywhere from like 15 to 20 hours a week So I used Alexa to build the skill that Allows teachers to dynamically create Practice worksheets during the lesson or Whenever they want to do the Alexa app Alexa launch problem pal Welcome to problem town ask me to make Questions make some questions about New England New England Patriots okay I’ve made some questions about New England New England Patriots and I’ve Shared them to Google classroom enjoy so

Locate a test class here and wait until You get this updated all right all right So you can see that it’s basically Uploaded a bunch of these questions on To Google classroom and the cool thing About this is that we I’ve also Integrated it with the Khan Academy API In the Wolfram Alpha a problem generator So as a teacher like math science any Field you can create dynamic content and What I’m gonna do next is create an Online platform where teachers can Contribute their own content to it so The database grows and to generate these Questions from Wikipedia right now I Just use some really simple NLP my Background is in machine learning and Deep learning and I have done a lot of Biotech research so I used some of those NLP techniques we use to read biomedical Articles to create this tool and I think That this is really cool because as a Student the classroom is really a voice Driven environment for students and Teachers and I think voice has a really Big part to play in this classroom Environment really cool thank you so Much Tell us more about NLP how would you Choose which word to blank out on Wikipedia yeah So since this was a hackathon project I Just did a really simple blank out Scheme so basically each words

Importance is ranked by tagging its part Of speech and also computing a Similarity score with the rest of the Sentence so based on which words are Deemed important by the system those are The ones that are blanked out what’s Cool is that this is the first project Connect the Google classroom API with Alexa so anyone else who wants to create New types of questions now that the Classroom API connection has been made You can create multiple choice questions For response a variety sorry just to Clarify because that was actually my Next question beyond sort of the Blanking out questions sort of you know What kind of question structures do you Think you can create now and where would You want to go and what would you need To do to get there yeah so I’m actually The founder of students coding schools Which is a tech think-tank where I Develop apps and deploy them in schools And so the idea is to not just build These blank out questions but do essay Questions for your response multiple Choice and the Google classroom API Supports a lot of that through the Feature so now that I’ve built the Programmatic connection a lot of it is Just what the teachers want to do with It and seeing what they want to do all Right well you’re a hell of lot more Productive than I ever was in high

School so well done for that but also Congratulations is a really good pitch Thank you all right that was problem Power and up next is pulse pulse to the Stage please There you go Oh yours hello my name is Nicholas Roman and I am with pulse and We are a community-based outpatient Monitoring service designed for those Diagnosed with heart failure heart Failure affects the lives of not just a Patient but also their friends and Family often leaving everyone with a Sense of helplessness with pulse we can Combat these feelings and tackle heart Failure together as a community to Develop the sense of community to Develop the sense of community we Created our care circles anyone who’s Concerned about their loved one’s Overall health and well-being can use Our app and become a member as a member You have access to their daily health Trends and will receive notifications And how to interact with your loved one To promote healthy behavior we don’t Require our heart patient to be tech Savvy or even own a smartphone instead We have them rely on the care circle to Receive updates on their daily health Trends so how do we make this happen Pulse utilizes a completely passive data Collection process only requiring the Patient to wear a device on their wrist

Such as a Fitbit at all times while They’re wearing this device were Interested in collecting three different Categories of data and we can transform This raw data using predictive analytics Into our health statistics for the care Circle our health statistics our Predictive analytics benefit from the Power of machine learning and here we’re Able to detect anomalies such as heart Arrhythmias but most importantly we’ll Be able to predict the risk of health Deterioration and quantify this result We can transform all this health data Into our pulse dashboard which is easily Interpretable by someone with a Non-medical background after joining as A member the care circle you’ll also Receive two different classes of Notifications one encouraging you to Interact with your loved one to promote Healthy behavior the other suggesting You seek professional medical attention For your loved one these can be along The lines of it looks like dad didn’t Receive his daily stuggle yesterday why Don’t we head over to his house and take Him for a walk with pulse we can tackle Heart failure together as a community Thank you thank you so much Any questions from a panel how many People can do circles up we’re in the Early stage development but right now we Don’t see a limit to how many people can

Join we think around maybe three to five Will probably be good for what the Vision that we have in mind though you Mentioned doing things like finding Arrhythmias do you have to worry about Any sort of regulatory oversight with a Product like that will Fitbit They are HIPAA compliant so the device Itself should be okay we just have to Make sure that the rest of our Technology stack also follows the same Protocols of dealing with patient data So you mentioned that the patient Doesn’t actually need to have a Smartphone but you do rely on the Fitbit How does how does that work so we just Have them wear the device and then we Rely on their care circle so we assume That the younger generation the people Who are caring about their elderly Patient that they will be the ones who Will notify them about their health Trends and make sure that they’re Following the recommended care plan set Out by their physician so they visit They sink the the device and then they Find out whether or not correct again Okay who do you see the target audience For this being so the primarily people Over 65 are the people who have heart Failure the most so we’ve developed this Idea with them in mind people who are Not as tech-savvy Polson any final Questions

Would you consider a prescription Medicine logging prescriptions and it Could be a feature but right now since We don’t require the patient to actually Have a device it doesn’t really make Sense for the cari circle to be Responsible for maintaining that really Interesting thank you so much Right that was pulse up next is smart Folios smart follows to the stage please We at smart folios are using AI to Create highly personalized portfolios That meet financial goals unique to Every investor with this we aim to level The place regardless of the investors Net worth financial goals and investment Experience we start by getting to know Our user by asking a bunch of questions So let’s abort the investment ship so we Start by selecting your age and career Next you tell us about your finances What has been your investing experience In the past your risk appetite the Different sectors that you want to Invest in so say I choose robotics Technology women and leadership then What is your investment goals so say I Want to save for college and I want this Much money in say 4 yrs and this is some How much cash we need in our hand at all Times so now the ML models are doing the Heavy lifting we use the answers that You provided inputs into our ML models We first run the asset selection model

To choose the relevant set of assets That match your inputs we then run the Optimization model that maximizes the Returns while meeting your risk profile There you go we see a custom portfolio So on the right you see all the stocks That have been selected and their Respective weights and you can click on Any asset to see its details So here you can see it chooses Pepsi Which has the woman CEO just as we Selected in our questionnaire that we Wanted women and leadership so here are Some summary statistics of the portfolio And then we have a few charts so here You see the portfolio returns our Portfolio is in green and the standard Market index is in blue so you see how Our in portfolio is doing better than The market we also have annual returns Drawdowns and maximum returns percentage So if you like you can save the Portfolio and then we have another flow Of the app where we have some set of Standard curated portfolios for the Beginners these are some popular Portfolios which have shown to do well In the past and we also have a social Aspect like for every portfolio you can See how many people have added it to see How popular that is thank you very much Any questions from our judges So obviously people put in their Criteria they change they invest in the

Market the market changes how do you Handle that that balancing in and Specifically also communicating with the User about those changes over time yeah So right now we basically like return The portfolio based on historical Returns of the stocks but in future we Also plan to add rebalancing strategies Which continuously update based on Latest market returns of the assets in Your portfolio and alerts the user Whenever something changes or does not Puff is not performing as expected yeah This assumes have some basic financial Understanding would you provide any form Of training for the user because they May not understand So the onboarding flow with the way we Have to like designed it is supposed to Be very easy and like simplified enough That any new beginner Yulik user can go through it if they Read all the descriptions public Provided and so our entire like premise Is that people who already have some Experience of investing but they can do It much better if they have a Robo Advisory app which is available for free So late it like there are a lot of People who are blindly trading stocks on Robin Hood without actually knowing how They may perform in the future this will Actually make it much more fun like Quantifiable in terms of their

Strategies yeah so actually kind of Getting back to the target customer you Talk about it at the beginning about Sort of designing it for for ease of Ease who do you have in mind who do you Think is like your yeah your primary you So we are focusing on users who have Just entered into the field of investing But are still not there to be able to Invest very smartly like there are a lot Of investment advisors out there who Take a very high premium to provide Investment advisory services which are Only available to elite people but we Want to make a free app which is which Makes any common man who wants to invest Money smartly to be able to use those Features and do those traits so in Future we also want to add a button in The app are just one invest button which Connects to a pro like the brokerage and Execute all of all these trades for them Instantly yeah also thank you very much Much for everything All right next up and final is well Sheet well sheet to the stage please [Applause] Try hd3 Training Hi everyone my name is Craig lamellae Founder of well sheet well sheet solves The epidemic of physician burnout by Surfacing the most relevant data for Physicians using machine learning let’s

Jump directly into the product the first Thing the well sheet does is bring in Information from electronic health Records and multiple sources into this One user-friendly well sheet view then Well sheet is able to predict the most Relevant content based on this physician Specialty and their past practice Patterns and visualize that content over A unified timeline that saves the Physician a tremendous amount of time And frustration clicking through the Electronic health record note this would Take hundreds of clicks across dozens of Screens to produce this type of view for Within the existing electronic health Record systems and well sheet is able to Produce it at an instant for a wide Range of conditions if I were to click Congestive heart failure for example Focusing in on a particular problem for This patient the view of the data would Then dynamically adapt for the physician So they can really focus in on the Patterns that come out of this Information and understand the patient’s Condition at a deeper level Finally well sheet is able to predict The most likely next steps that the Physician would take for this particular Patient and allow those actions to be Easily executable directly within the Well sheet system actually thank you Very much that was time any questions

From the judges [Applause] I think if your models are wrong it’s Really catastrophic in terms of say You’re you’re not your models decide not To surface some information that ends up Being really really relevant to the Patient’s health so I don’t know if There’s a really question around that But you know ii like how you sort of Update your model is how you decide if You’re doing well yeah absolutely so so First of all there’s a very tight Feedback loop in terms of what Physicians are analyzing what decisions They’re making to ensure that our models Are as optimized as possible so we track Everything very closely but we also Display the full set of information just Prioritized for their needs and so the Physician has everything at their Fingertips but the most relevant data is Surfaced and it’s really a better Paradigm than the each EHRs where this Data could be buried and them not being Able to see it at all we’d be doing the User studies like they do talk to the Physicians how many did you talk to you Get buy-in yeah absolutely we’ve put This technology in front of physicians Across the country and they have Responded phenomenally to it that we Heard a doctor say I’ve been waiting 10 Years for for this type of technology

And you know when can I use it Is there a patient side angle to this Story not directly although I I think Eventually patients are going to take More control of their data and that data Needs to get in front of the physician Somehow and it’s not going to be through The EHR so having a prioritized Contextualized layer on top of the Existing system allows for that Connectivity to really come into play Thanks sir thank you so much So that was all our pictures for this Afternoon I am going to scroll myself Backstage with the judges so we can find Out who’s winning meanwhile somebody’s Going to take the stage and do a quick Thanks to our sponsors and we have a Couple of other rewards to give out While we find out who gets the comically Large check I’ll be back in just a Moment Hi my name is Safi Elia bottom and I Lead sponsorships for disrupt as Mentioned this is the first time that We’re running the hackathon online and It was a huge success A giant thank you to all our hackers Judges and sponsors the event would not Have gone as smoothly as it did without The help of our partners dev post they Provided the hackathon platform and Managed the submission process Thank You Their post team without further ado I’d

Like to invite each of the teams to Present the winner of their sponsored Custom contest first up we have Amazon Alexa [Applause] Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen I’m Jeff Taylor from partner relations At TechCrunch and the reason you’re Looking at me instead of one of our good Friends from Amazon Alexa is that a Sudden illness has prevented them from Attending this afternoon we’ve had a Long-standing relationship with Amazon Alexa TechCrunch hackathon so we Couldn’t be more proud to be able to Work with them Amazon Alexa is a leader In home automation speech recognition And intelligent operation dissemination And we’re so pleased to announce the Winner of their hackathon their custom Contest hackathon and that is AI vision Led by Peter MA who will be winning $5,000 plus 10 Amazon echo spot devices Congratulations Peter congratulations ai Vision next up we have bison [Music] Happy Friday everyone For our first hackathon that Buyten We’re actually remanding the vehicle as The next-generation smart device so we Asked our hackers if they could Reimagine what life would be during the Age of autonomy so with that I want to Thank everyone who participated and we

Want to announce our first-place winner It is car okie $5,000 and our Second-place winner Talk talk thank you everyone thank you Next up is here mobility [Music] Hi so this has been an amazing challenge And we want to thank all the wonderful Participants that join the here mobility Challenge we have amazing and inspiring And super creative solutions that the Different groups submitted and very very Inspiring to see all the different Groups working on the here mobility SDK The humor bility SDK enable developers To connect to our here mobility Marketplace that aggregates different Kind of mobility services and the her Mobility SDK actually enables developers To create a full mobility experience to Their users using one SDK and so thank You to all the groups and the winner is The winner and the winner is like I lied [Applause] There thank you here mobility thank you Next up we have Novartis good afternoon Everyone it’s so encouraging to see the Healthcare world and the tech world Emerging here together at TechCrunch Together we will improve and save Patient lives we are very happy to be Here with our Novartis biome and new Digital initiatives I want to heart failure is a disease

That’s impacted by tens of millions of Patients around the world and what we Have asked entropy knows to do is to Help us improve their lives I want to Thank the thousands of entrepreneurs That submitted their ideas and let’s go For the prizes so we’re very excited to Announce the winners of the first Evan About his health Sachs World Series Challenge here at TechCrunch we have two Prizes the first prize winner of the Virtual hackathon is wavy [Applause] And the first prize winner and grand Prize winner of the extended innovation Channel is Vita health thank you thank You Novartis Next up we have Sony Pictures but due to Other issues they were not able to join Us the winner for the Sony Pictures Custom contest wins nine thousand Dollars cash and that is Brian Cottrell Okay great next we have Tom Tom hello Everybody thank you So yeah we’re super excited we got a lot Of great submissions to use our Maps API Is a mobile sdk and the winner of course Of this hackathon has been at Aaron Burr For around I don’t know where he is Thank you cool Thank you Tom Tom cool in the world you Know in the world that we live online And offline are converging location is Key so we look forward to seeing what

Else you guys are gonna do with our free Mobile apps SDK bye guys thank you Alright next is United Airlines okay I’m Gonna be quick one because I’m like Really intimidated by the brilliance in The room – the lights are really bright In three my flight leaves in an hour and 45 minutes and they don’t hold flights For employees but so people like are Constantly asking what’s an airline Doing at a tech conference and you know The answer for us is simple we want to Be like great business partners to Everybody in the room to the developers To the VC so the investors you know it Comes down to this we’re the biggest Airline in San Francisco if you need to Get to Shanghai you need to get to London into Washington to New York to Boston wherever you need to go to do Business will get you there and then When you want to have fun we’ll get you To fun – and that the ability to get you To the most fun places is why we picked Our winner it’s an app called pickle and It’s all about getting with your friends And figuring out ways to decide where is The best place to go based on what you All like And I’m gonna like totally mess up if I Try to explain it any better than that But it was a really cool app and so we Are glad to give each of the winners Like my friend Gopi any where you want

To fly in the world on United Airlines Enjoy your trip all right Thank You United and last but not least is viand Hi so who hasn’t had the dream of taking A trip to space at beyond we are devoted To enable anyone to bring their dreams To life and to create their very own Virtual world so our hackathon winner Nina from Germany has used our platform To create an amazing virtual reality Experience of a weird trip to space and She did so without any coding skills so I invite you all to try out our platform On beyond IO and to download our beyond Air from any app store to see Mina’s Amazing virtual reality experience now Thanks thank you sorry we have one more Visa [Applause] Hello everyone my name is Naveen du Chandra and I’m part of the visa Developer platform team here we are Honored to be joining TechCrunch Disrupt Here at the conference and the hackathon At the onset of this program we Challenge all participants with helped Shape help visa reshape Commerce and Accelerate Digital payment acceptance And advance our mission to connect the World stepping up to the challenge We were dazzled by the submissions from The participants all over the world After much deliberation and discussions We are excited to announce the winners

For the visa hackathon as blind sight Blind sight is an awe-inspiring group of Recent high school graduates who built a Wearable device which would reshape the Payment experience for the visually Impaired blind sights connected device Uses machine learning technologies as Well as haptic feedback to provide for a Better payment experience and has the Potential to change payments and Commerce for people all over the world We are grateful for all the submissions And we look forward to working with Developers across the world you can Check us out at developer.bada.com [Applause] All right now I’m gonna hand the Proceedings over to our hack master Higher who will present the winner of The 2018 district hackathon hello Beautiful people it’s me again I did Promise you a comically large check and I’m very eager to give it up but before I do we have one more check to hand out From one of our favorite sponsors Sony Pictures hi my name is Moe pseudopods I’m vice president of international Marketing for Sony Pictures in searching Starring John Cho and Anish directed by First-time director Anisha ghonte a Father desperately looks for his missing Daughter and the only clues he has he Has to go to a place which is the most Dangerous place for a parent her social

Media the winner of the searching Challenge and the 9 thousand dollar cash Prize is Bryan Cottrell’s Sound browser thank you [Applause] Thank you so much and here is the moment You’ve all been waiting for we’ve gone Down from a hundred and twenty teams to 30 teams to descend presenting tonight But I just carefully listen in on the Judges and saw how they were thinking About the performances on stage tonight And it was a resounding winner ladies And gentlemen which is face styler [Music] Thank you so much for coming and see you Next year Cheers

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