Halo Infinite launch “stumbling… across the finish line”: Matt Booty

Halo Infinite launch ”stumbling…
across the finish line”: Matt Booty.
The launch of  Halo Infinite was like a runner falling at the finish line, according to Microsoft Studios head Matt Booty.
Speaking with the Friends Per Second podcast (via Gamespot ), Booty likened Infinite ‘s launch to “the classic runner’s mistake of tripping and stumbling as you come across the finish line.”

“We’ve got to recover there,” Booty continued.
“The burden is on us.”

Booty continued on to say that  Infinite  was in need of better post-launch support.
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“These days, with a game like Halo Infinite, shipping the game is just the beginning,” he continued.
“There has got to be a plan for content sustain; there has got to be a plan for regular continuing engagement.
And we just fell short of the plan on that.”

Booty’s comments come after Xbox head Phil Spencer admitted that “it’s been too long since we’ve shipped what people would say is a big first-party game”.

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