Hands On: Apple’s M2 MacBook Air Ditches the Wedge

With an Apple M2 chip and a redesigned, slimmer chassis, the new MacBook Air is more than just a simple upgrade. Check out our first impressions.

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00:00 – 00:21 Intro and brief overview of new features
00:21 – 00:35 M2 chip
00:35 – 00:50 Circuit board design
00:50 – 00:58 Thin design
00:58 – 01:05 Memory and pricing
01:05 – 01:15. Wrap up

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I’m brian westover with pcmag here at Apple campus in california to give you Our first look at the macbook air it’s Gotten a completely new design from the Inside out starting with the new m2 Processor inside as well as a complete Exterior redesign with a new profile new Color options new port selection It’s an all new macbook air Let’s start with the m2 chip this is an Eight core cpu with four performance Cores and four efficiency cores to Borrow intel’s language in fact apple Touts that its power efficiency is Better than intel’s The macbook air also benefits from a new Circuit board design the logic board now Uses circuitry on one side of the pcb Which allows it to use a thinner overall Design which in turn makes the entire Design of the macbook air thinner in Fact it has 20 less volume than the Previous iteration it’s just 11.3 Millimeters thick it wasn’t that fat to Begin with The macbook air is also available with Up to 24 gigabytes of memory a new high For the model line and it starts at just 11.99 this has been our first look at The macbook air i’m brian westover with Pc mag make sure to come back for our Full review in the near future

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