Hands On: Lenovo’s 2022 Legion 7 & 7 Slim Gamers Rev Up the Ryzen and Core Chips

The latest Legion enthusiast-gaming laptops are 16-inch beasts that come in cutting-edge AMD and Intel flavors. You can even kit out one model with Team Blue’s top new 12th Generation ”HX” CPUs.

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00:00 – 01:33 Intro and basic comparisons between the Legion 7 and 7 Slim
01:33 – 02:13 Legion 7 Slim design
02:13 – 02:33 Legion 7 Slim connectivity
02:33 – 02:46 Legion 7 Slim performance
02:46 – 03:25 Legion 7 lighting and design
03:25 – 03:56 Legion 7 performance and cooling
03:56 – 04:11 Legion 7 lighting on ports
04:11 – 04:44 Legion 7 resolution and refresh rate
04:44 – 05:04 Legion 7 ethernet and thickness
05:04 – 05:49 Legion 7 access to interior
05:49 – 06:49 Wrap up

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– Hello, I’m Matthew Buzzi, with PCMag, And I’m here with two new lines Of the Lenovo Legion gaming laptops. We have the Slim and the Regular 7. The Slim, as you may guess, A little lighter, about a pound lighter Than the big guy here; Weighs about 5 and 1/2 pounds, The Slim weighs about 4 and 1/2 pounds. We’ll talk a little bit about
the different feature sets, But they share a lot in common. They both come in an
Intel and an AMD flavor, Technically the 7i and the 7, For the AMD model of each version. So, a lot to keep track of there, But basically, technically,
four different laptops, Because each of them
come in Intel and AMD. The starting price, in both cases, Will be a little bit
higher for the Intel model. On the larger seven,
the Intel will cost you A few more hundred dollars actually, At the starting price. And as for the AMD one, it’s about $2,059. So high end, a little more expensive, Whereas the Slim a much
lower starting price, $1,519, I believe, for the Slim. So, lower starting price, You can configure up
from there, obviously. In that case, the Intel one will only Cost you a few dozen more
dollars, not, not anything crazy. So let’s get into the differences And sort of the components
that you can get In each of these systems. Let’s start first, with the Slim,

Since it has the lower starting price And the lower power ceiling. I say lower But you can still max this
thing out pretty high. You can get an Intel Core i9-HK processor, As well as an RTX 3070 GPU. Or, if you opt for the non-i
version of this laptop, The AMD option, you get up to a Ryzen 9 And up to a 6800S, on the GPU side. So, you can outfit this pretty high end, Obviously with a $1,500 starting price, You will not get those
super high-end components In the base model, But stay tuned for, for what, What exactly that base model will entail. But know that you can get
in the door at a lot less Than you can get in this guy, Whose, whose power ceiling is a bit more. This, otherwise, is a lot
like the Legion designs We’ve seen before. A couple refinements,
you get this metal edge, Which is nice and shiny, has
a pretty industrial look. But overall, we’ve seen a
lot of similar Legion laptops That look more or less like this But we do like the design. It is, it is relatively simple, but still, Still pretty handsome. On the back, that’s where
the ports are located. Lenovo’s opted for this, This rear facing port array, for a while. It’s not working on this
pre-production model here But these will also light up. We’ll show you on this model in a moment. So, you can see from behind
what you’re plugging into

Without having to turn the
laptop around and bend it All the way over. So pretty, pretty good
connectivity of USB-C. Actually, a rarity of
this, at this category, Is the SD card slot, full size. Right here, you’ll see a switch That is for the webcam privacy, Which will power it all the way on and off For your privacy needs. And yeah, that’s mostly
what you get in the Slim. Again, you can get AMD or
Intel flavor and it has, Kind of everything you
need for a gaming system. We’ll see how it performs. Obviously, we couldn’t bring
it in for tests, but as it Stands, it looks like a
nice, solid iteration, With an affordable-ish entry
point for, for this model. Now we’ll jump over to the, the big guy. This is the higher,
higher-end, higher-cost option. Right off the bat, You can see some pretty
obvious differences With the lighting, that also
includes here, check this out, Very, very race car, street car-like, You get some of this
grill lighting as well. All customizable through
Lenovo’s spectrum software, Which is a move away from the Corsair iCUE lighting
software they’ve used before. They’re bringing it in house. And yeah, I mean, that’s just
a nice flare, a nice sort of Plus you get for, for the
high-end options like this. But, the internals also,
obviously, are different. There is a vapor chamber
cooling in this, first of all, Because the power ceiling is higher. Whereas this is regular, you
know, copper effective piping. This is a vapor chamber
for more power in a,

Roughly as thin, it’s a little thicker, Roughly as thin, chassis. You could see there, it’s
not, not the thickest laptop In the world, nor the thinnest
it’s, it’s a moderate size. So, for the vapor chamber,
that allows them to go Up to Intel Core i9HX, whereas
this only topped out at HK. So, a higher power ceiling,
alongside an RTX 3080 Ti, Which, pretty much is the top option You can get in any gaming laptop. As long as you don’t introduce two GPUs, Which we don’t see much of anymore. So, really high end, pretty
much the top of the line, In terms of power. And I mentioned on the
other system, you could see, As far as lighting goes, to wrap that up, The lighting on the ports here,
you can see that, you can, You can look at it from
overhead, from backwards And know what you’re
looking at and plug in, Without having to turn
the whole system around. That’s just a little touch That we think, we think is pretty cool. The resolution on both of these systems Is 20…2560 X 1600. That’s about QHD equivalent, Because this is a 16 X 10 aspect ratio, Not the usual 16 X 9, We’ve gotten very used to. So that enables a little,
a little bit wider And makes the resolutions
a little more funky Than what you’re used to. But basically know, that’s better than HD, Somewhere in-between full HD and 4k. It’s a nice sharp display And both laptops do have
the same screen all the way

Through, that includes
a 165 Hz refresh rate. So, definitely meant for
gaming, this one, again, A couple more lights. Also, as far as those
enthusiast gamers go, An ethernet port back here,
where I highlighted the ports, Which, this one does not have an advantage Of the added thickness. So the extra heft, as I said, About a pound more than this
one, gets you an ethernet port, Higher power ceiling and a
couple more fancy tricks, Like the lighting and,
and just making that, That extra cost go a bit further. So another advantage of this
big, more expensive laptop, Is access to the interior, that includes, The ability to change out your storage And your SODIMM slots. So, you make it one drive, You make it two, depending
on your configuration. They might come in RAID already for you. But, if you have an extra
expansion on what you order, You can always upgrade your
own in the, in the future. You can see here, this
enormous battery, 99 Watt-hour, Which is the largest you’re
allowed to bring on a plane. They would go higher if they could But the TSA says no. These new fans, They’re pretty densely
packed with fins here, In addition to the vapor chamber cooling, Which you can’t fully
see through the shroud But trust us, it’s under there. And that is what enables
this large system to Have such high-end power,
despite being only a A hair, really, thinner,
thicker, rather than, Than the Slim laptop.

So, that about sums it
up for these systems. Again, in summary, what you need to know, Two different systems, technically four, If you want to call the Intel
and AMD versions of each Laptop their own distinct system. But really, that’s more
of a component swap, Even though they have
slightly different names The 7 and the 7i for Intel. In both cases, the Intel
system will be more expensive On the 7. It’s a few hundred more
dollars on this, on the Slim. It’s not that much more
expensive to get Intel. This starts over $2,000, in both cases. So, this is definitely a pricier system, Whereas this is in the 15 hundreds, The Slim will cost you a bit
less to get, get in the door. You get the extra
lighting, the extra power And a couple other nice
features for that extra cost. So, if you’re an enthusiast gamer, This one is really the way for you. And if you have the
budget for it, of course. If portability and, and you
don’t need as much power Sounds more appealing, then
the Slim is the best option. We will, of course, though,
review these systems And test them ourselves, before
we give any recommendation Or a rating, so, check out PCMag.com, Once we get review units in,
and thank you for watching.

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