Hands-On: Lenovo’s IdeaPad Duet 5i Takes on the Microsoft Surface Pro

Inspired by the iconic 2-in-1 Windows tablet, Lenovo brings Windows 11 and 12th Generation Intel ”Alder Lake” CPU options to a new budget detachable, expected out this summer.

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– Hi, I’m Matthew Buzzi with PCMag. And Before we’ve shown you a Duet
3 from Lenovo, Chrome-based. And you’ve seen before in
the past a Chromebook Duet 5. Now we’re here with the
Windows-based and Intel-based, Duet 5i, bit upping the ante, That was a sort of $500
machine, the Chromebook version And now $749, this is a Windows machine, A little bit more compute
focused as you would expect, Goes all the way up to 12th generation Core i7 processor, so clearly off the bat, Much more high end and high
potential computing experience And obviously it would be,
we’d be remiss not to mention, The Surface-like design, clearly inspiring This detachable keyboard
as you’ve seen before, From many iterations of the surface device And also from other manufacturers, Who have sort of mimicked
that in their own two-in-ones. This is something that’s really useful, For people working on the go or taking it, You know at home in a less
traditional office setup. But really we’ve proven how
this is useful in the past, People love this design and
adding now Windows power, To the Chromebook version,
which was a good seller, Now makes this even more appealing. The Chromebook version of the Duet 5 Had a nice OLED screen,
obviously beautiful, We’ve come to expect
that. This isn’t OLED, But it does have its own nice advantages. It’s a 12.4 inch display
a 16 by 10 aspect ratio, Which is becoming all the
more popular these days. It’s a 2560 by 1600 resolution And it’s 450 nits of brightness, Which you can, I think,
see even on the camera, It definitely pops, definitely
above average brightness,

From these types of systems And even from most major laptops. I feel like that’s an
above average brightness, Compared to what we see.
So, still looks good, Still sharp in advance, even if it’s not, The fancy OLED display that existed, On the Chromebook version. So the tablet on its own
weighs a little under 2 pounds And the keyboard, which as I mentioned, Detaches, weighs again
a little under a pound, So add those together and you get, A still very portable system. The keyboard, by the way, does still work, If you leave it disconnected. So it will continue to
work with Bluetooth, So you can set it across from you And continue to type onto the
screen, which you can place, In a maybe more comfortable position. Sort of rounding out
the feature set are two 5 megapixel cameras, the front one has AR So you can use this to
sign in with Windows Hello And connectivity-wise
there are 2 USB-C ports, Both on the side of the chassis. As I mentioned this will launch for $749, Skus will go up from there And it will be available this July, So check back for our
full suite of testing And our full review at PCmag.com.

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