Hands On! Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Is a Flippable 2-in-1 for Creators

PCMag’s Matthew Buzzi gets handsy with the Surface Laptop Studio, a new-design, pen-ready convertible with powerful Intel H-series and (optional) Nvidia silicon.

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Hi i’m matthew buzzy here with Microsoft’s new line of surface products Uh we have updates to existing products New versions of existing products and Also entirely new products here uh this Is probably the most exciting thing this Is the laptop studio which kind of Replaces the surface book in microsoft’s Lineup looks like a fairly standard Laptop but as you may have seen uh it Has a few fancy tricks that it’s sort of Hiding the main one being this kind of Crazy hinge which We can talk about reminds me of the Acer’s concept d has this sort of easel Thing and microsoft’s now taking it to The surface line so on one hand you get This sort of two in one uh hybrid screen Style that is good for watching content Maybe playing games move the screen a Bit more A bit closer to you So that’s kind of a nice feature to have Just for viewing content and then since This is a laptop that’s kind of aimed at Creative professionals you can continue It all the way and turn it flat making This drawing tablet um the clever thing Is too The pen there’s the new version of the Pen so it’s new and improved the better Haptics sort of makes you feel in Combination with windows 11 and the Display technology like you’re really

Dragging a pen across canvas or paper More so than just doing a physical touch Screen so clever magnetic attachment Spot for the pen um Really pretty neat and the kind of Elegance of this two-in-one system is Really pretty cool um It takes a little bit of getting used to And doing it backwards is probably not How i’d recommend anybody do it but uh Even then it works it’s really simple it Kind of snaps into place magnetically so You get a sort of confidence about it And once you do it a few times you Really do get pretty used to it um it’s Otherwise the same nice sort of sturdy High quality surface build we’ve come to Associate with the product line um This is going to start around sixteen Hundred dollars so fairly expensive Again it is a pro kind of creator laptop Though not not sort of an entry-level Everyday notebook it is really meant for More uh more serious work and to that End um there’s intel uh h series core i5 Or core i7 processors um as well as a Nvidia rtx 3050 ti or even the a Professional line uh gpu option so um Pretty serious power uh really nice form Factor this is a 14.4 inch screen high Resolution display it’s three by two Aspect ratio as are most things with Surface sort of gives you that more Digital paper sort of feel as opposed to

More you know the screen since they want You working on it they want you to feel Like it’s art creation paper uh on your Screen that more vertical sort of sort Of feel and it does it does work um so Yeah i think this is really a neat Product we might see uh we might see This idea come to other products as i Said some have done something similar Acer concept among them but this is a Really elegant solution and definitely Uh the most portable we’ve seen any sort Of version of this so overall really Cool one other thing to literally touch On is that there’s also haptics in the Touchpad um sort of this similar to the Macbook sort of uh feedback you have That’s not just not just the click it’s Kind of somewhere in between and you can Also adjust the sensitivity of that to Tune it to your liking so all these Things combined i know that the price Tag is not not low certainly but this is This is a high-end machine for a Creative professional so all those Things really add up to a really cool Laptop and we’re looking forward to Putting it through its paces um also Announced is the new surface pro 8. uh It’s been a while since we’ve seen an Update in in design uh form we’ve seen Some iterative uh additions and also Some component upgrades but it’s been a Minute since we’ve seen a design upgrade

And it’s not major but you will maybe Notice the um The thinner Bezel just sorry the display bezels are Thinner Which mirrors sort of the pro x um we Love that more modern uh thin sort of Design um it looks more modern the pro x Wasn’t quite what we wanted maybe but in The new uh surface pro 8 which is uh More powerful um and the camera has been Improved and it’s usbc with thunderbolt Ports all these things that make it more Two in one pc uh with this thinner bezel Look in this more modern design so Really like what we see out of that Again stay tuned for more um for more on That it’s the same great build metal Portable uh everything we like about the Surface line so we will of course review All these products when we can get their Hands on them thank you so much for Watching

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