Hands-on tour of the Rivian camp kitchen

Rivian showed off a prototype of a camp kitchen during the Overland Expo in Flagstaff.

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[Music] TechCrunch got a tour of ribbons camp Kitchen at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff Arizona dismay our takeaway Vivian’s designers are a thoughtful Bunch Who didn’t add a lot of unnecessary Features the campers don’t want or need Instead this prototype is intuitive Designed with function in mind and takes Into account the bouncing that might Happen while these vehicles are on an Off highway adventure the camp kitchen Is located in the so called gear tunnel That lives between the bed and the cab In Riggins r1t a five passenger All-electric pickup truck that is Expected to go into production in 2020 It takes about 30 seconds to pull out The kitchen and a little longer to Batten down the hatches and put it away Again data points be tested it’s worth Noting what materials Riven has used Here the entire structure which includes The work surface is made from a resin Infused recycled paper material called Rich light it’s durable heat resistant And easy to clean other materials Include bamboo for a drying rack in cork For the drawer inserts behind the main Housing of the kitchen and right next to The sink is a stainless steel five Gallon water jug there are several Compartments including one big enough to

Hold a cast iron pan cutting board in a Large pot all of the compartments have Paddle edges this ensures the drawers Automatically lock when they’re closed There’s a drawer dedicated to cooking Utensils and knives and just below it is A compartment with an interior cork Insert it was made to hold six months Along with the collection of bowls Plates forks knives and spoons there’s Even a spot for a French press and Coffee grinder perhaps one of the best Decisions were being made was to Integrate an electric kettle right into The kitchen there’s no need to turn on The two burner induction cooktop the Kettle acts like a jet boil a product That provides fast boiling time and Holds enough water for about six people That cork insert or something like it is What TechCrunch hopes to see in the Final product although the company will Have To address how to accommodate the Different styles and shapes of cooking Gear that customers might have on the Other side the kitchen is the two burner Induction cooktop both the cooktop and The kettle run off the vehicles battery Running the cooktop for 45 minutes takes About one mile of range off the battery Next to the cooktop is a workspace and a Sink with a drying rack the sink can be Removed an important detail in bear

Country when you need to remove all Traces of food other thoughtful details Include a bottle opener which is Conveniently placed right between two Hooks meant to hold trash back this camp Kitchen was meant to be a prototype a Test piece of sorts to learn from the Thousands of outdoor adventures at Overland Expo but the feedback was clear Riffian CEO RJ scrimmage told me the Kitchen is going into production We can’t wait to use it on a long over Landing trip of our own

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