Hands-on with Apple’s impressive AR slingshot demo

Apple isn’t in the habit of building too many games so when the company announced that they had built a demo experience to showcase the changes coming to ARKit 2, it was clear there was going to be something unique. We got the chance to go hands-on with Swift Shot and try our luck at the augmented reality slingshot shooter.

Okay so today one of the major Announcements at WWDC was a our kit – in IOS 12 it’s a major revamp of their Augmented reality platform it brings Persistence multiplayer 3d object Detection there’s a lot going on now What they showcase this on was come Something called Swift shot which we Played it’s a little bit of a tower Defense game sort of it’s a little bit Of an angry birds’ so what you do in the Game is you can move in this case we use An iPad you can move an iPad and pull Back a slingshot and you try to knock Down the opposing team slingshot it’s a Pretty fun experience it takes up a Pretty big footprint so you know whether This is something you actually do at Home we’ll see but it’s a pretty awesome Showcase of what the technology can do And just how much of an update it is Over what came before

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