Hands On With LG’s $100,000 Rollable OLED TV

The LG Signature OLED R rollable TV can finally be yours…if you’re willing to drop six digits on it.

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– Hi, I’m Will Greenwald for PCMag.com. And we are in LG’s new
North American headquarters In New Jersey, Specifically in their
Exploratorium showroom of new Technology. And behind me is the
LG signature OLED RTV. It is the first commercial
rollable OLED, and well, You just saw. The screen curls
up into a box and unrolls Into a 65 inch TV. It actually is shipping now. They announced it two years
ago and it is finally in Production and available to buy. And the price tag is a
hundred thousand dollars. It’s a rollable TV, And that is pretty new
for basically anything. Now as an OLED, especially
a rollable OLED, This is an incredibly thin TV. Like we’re looking at less
than a fifth of an inch thick. Maybe if that, like it is
thinner than cardboard. Internally, The panel and technology
inside is very similar To the OLED C1 that we reviewed, Which is a much less expensive
TV, around $1,800 to $4,000 In that range depending on the size. Of course, this is a flat TV that doesn’t Fold up, it doesn’t roll. That’s what you’re paying for. It should have fantastic color. It definitely looks very good from here. It should have infinite contrast
basically, because it can Create perfect black levels. That is one of the main
appeals of an OLED panel. You know, I don’t know how many
times I can say it rolls up, But it rolls up.

And that’s really the
coolest thing about it. It does have all the gaming features Of the LG C1 one as well, Which is really appealing. So if you managed to find a
PS5 for less than a hundred Thousand dollars and can
spend that much on a TV, They might work together. This is built to bare…to
basically be a TV That you will have for a very
long time in your very large, Expensive house. According to LG, the
actual rolling mechanism, The drive system should be
able to last a hundred thousand Times. So basically it can roll up and
down a dozen times a day for 20 years. Now, this isn’t quite
a bespoke television, Though it is manufactured
apparently by hand by engineers. Once all the components are put together, They actually assemble this aluminum body And all the different parts together. And that can take a bit of time, So if you order it now, you’re
not going to get it tomorrow. It’s not on Amazon Prime, And the panel Itself apparently takes two
months to manufacture from, Just having the TFT surface
to the module actually going Out. So yeah, this isn’t
something you can go to a store And get, This is a TV that requires white gloves.

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