Hands On With the 2022 Lenovo Yoga 9i

We got some time with Lenovo’s 2022 top-of-the-line 2-in-1, which has a new rounded design and some slick comfort features. Check it out!

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– Hi, this is John Burak with PC Magazine, And I’m here with Lenovo from CES 2022. And what we have here
is the latest version Of the Lenovo Yoga 9i. So, this is the seventh generation version Of this two in one laptop. This is the previous
version of the 9i, And you’ll notice it’s a very sleek And slick looking machine. It’s got some slightly sharpened
corners over here, But the new model is all
about rounded corners. So, if you close this up and take a look, You’ll notice rounded all around And polished edges, which look very slick. It’s also when you have it in tablet mode, Much more pleasant to hold
when you have rounded corners. So, it’s not new in this generation, But what Lenovo has done with
this model is to have a set Of speakers going across the lower bezel Of the screen between the
keyboard and the display, And they are pointing
at you for better sort Of sound reproduction, As opposed to bouncing it off your desk. You have the speakers
pointing directly at you, According to how you
have the screen angled. Also, when you turn the
machine into tablet mode, The speakers are still sticking out. So, you can hear them unobstructed say, If it’s sitting in your lap. In terms of feature changes
with this generation, You’ll notice that there’s
camera bump that is able to Accommodate the 1080p full
HD webcam that a lot of Homeworkers have been looking
for during the pandemic and Lenovo has also seriously boosted
up the size of the touch pad.

This is now 45% bigger than
on the previous generation. This being a Yoga 9 — This is sort of the top end of the series. So you have a really good premium
input experience here with The big touch pad and the very
good keyboard. To that end, in terms of input, Lenovo was incorporated a
series of function buttons along The right side of the keyboard over here. And one of the coolest
ones is this one over here, Which is a blur button. It works with video conferencing
software to blur out your Background. So, if you suddenly find
yourself in a meeting with your Manager’s manager, You could quickly tap the
blur button and hide the, A shelf of utensils and
cans in your kitchen. Also, in the function
row on the right here, You have a fingerprint reader
that was previously in the Keyboard deck on the previous version. Instead, now it’s another
square in the keyboard. As for the components inside the 9i — This is a 12th gen Alder Lake Intel-based machine. Lenovo is using a P series
Alder Lake chip in here, As opposed to the typical U series. So, slightly amped up
processor versus the typical U series that appear in
many thin laptops like this. It also uses DDR5
memory, so memory sensitive Applications should see a boost from that. And also PCI Express 4 SSDs. As for the screen in the
machine, it’s a 14 inch panel. You can get it with up to a
4k OLED panel inside of this Machine. And it’s rated for up to
400 nits of brightness. As for the graphics
acceleration in the machine,

We mentioned that it’s
using an Alder Lake chip. This does not have dedicated graphics, Instead it’s relying on the Iris Xe
integrated graphics on the Alder Lake chips. Then there’s the connectivity on this machine. So, we’ve got two Thunderbolt 4 ports on here, Which provide both high-speed
connectivity for data drives And for display output. We’ve also got a typical USB-A
port for your legacy — shouldn’t even be Called legacy — your everyday USB devices. And on the other side, We’ve got another type C
port and a headphone jack. So, there you have it —
the Yoga 9i from Lenovo, A nicely rounded, well
balanced premium ultra portable Two in one that comes in as
you can see sort of a gold, Silver and a charcoal gray. This is a really attractive
machine that we’ve reviewed Several times in the past and liked a lot. And we can’t wait to see this new version, Come through PC Labs. We’ll be testing it as soon
as we can get our hands on a Sample. It’ll be $1399 to
start when it debuts in Q2. And we’re looking forward to reviewing it. Thanks for watching.

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