Hands On With the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Lineup

We take a first look at the Apple iPhone 14 Pro Lineup.

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– Hi, I’m here with the
iPhone 14 Pro and the Pro Max. This is the deep purple And the big thing about
this is this Dynamic Island. Let me show it to you guys. This is the Dynamic Island up here. Don’t call it an notch. It’s a Dynamic Island now. Now, we have a timer going. So, what you see in the
Dynamic Island will pertain To what you’re doing on the phone. Right now there’s a timer going So we can X that timer out, but let’s see. Okay. So say we’re playing music. (Silence) Now we go back to the dynamic Island. We can see that there’s music playing Say you wanna start another timer. (silence) Now we see the timer
in the Dynamic Island. If we wanna go back to our music Just press the Dynamic
Island, pause it there. Now, we can put it into
always on display mode A new mode for the iPhone. When we lock the screen,
you’ll see what’s happening In the Dynamic Island on the
always on display lock screen. Very cool. The other main thing
about the iPhone 14 Pro is The 48 megapixel camera. Now, to take advantage of it, You use the camera app and
you enable RAW right here. All right, once you enable
RAW, you can take a photo In the 48 megapixel when we
go back to the photos app. So, this one right here was
shot in that 48 megapixels. So, we can zoom in really, really closely.

(silence) And you’re just seeing all the details Of the sweatshirt here, all
the details of his hair. What’s really great about this is That you can print this out and blow it up Like a poster and it
will be nice and clear.

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