Hands On With the Apple Watch Ultra

We take a first look at the Apple Watch Ultra.

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– [Narrator] We are at the Apple event With the Apple Watch Ultra,
the new rugged model. You can see how much bigger
it is with that large display. This is the Apple Watch
Series 7 I have below. Now, so the big thing about
this, look at the flat screen, The flat crystal on there
for increased durability, You have a more tactile digital crown here And this button is more tactile, It’s a customizable action button And these are able to be used
even if your hands are gloved. Look at this new band, very
sturdy here with this clip. It’s pretty comfortable too. I don’t know, for me, For me, this is a little bit big, It’s getting too big for my wrist, But for those of you who
are outdoor adventurers This might be perfect for you. (upbeat music)

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