High on Life Issues New Update

High on Life Issues New Update.
A new update released for Squanch Games’ silly space shooter High on Life brings fixes for a variety of bugs as well as some helpful new features.
This latest update for the irreverent shooter comes just days after news broke that that Squanch Games CEO and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has been charged with felony domestic violence in California.
While Squanch Games had found some success with its previous titles, such as the VR-focused Trover Saves the Universe, making available on Xbox Game Pass High on Life as a day-one release instantly raised the profile of the comedic sci-fi shooter.
Released in December 2022, the PC and Xbox console-exclusive High on Life was generally well-received by both gamers and critics.
Although a steady stream of juvenile humor and the constant quips from High on Life ’s talking guns turned some players off from the game, the unusual mash-up of Ricky and Morty and Star Wars: Bounty Hunter proved popular with gamers looking for something distinctly different from the military shooters that dominate the genre.

Foreign [Music] High on life Issues new update a new Update released for squanch games silly Space shooter high on life brings fixes For a variety of bugs as well as some Helpful new features this latest update For the irreverent shooter comes just Days after news broke that that squanch Game CEO and Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland has been charged with Felony domestic violence in California While squanch games had found some Success with its previous titles such as The VR Focus Trover saves the universe Making available on Spock's Game Pass High on life as a day one release Instantly raise the profile of the Cometic Sci-Fi shooter released in December 2022 the pcn's Box console Exclusive high on life was generally Well received by both Gamers and critics Although a steady stream of juvenile Humor and the constant quips from high On life as talking guns turn some Players off from the game the unusual Mashup of Ricky and Morty in Star Wars Bounty Hunter proved popular with Gamers Looking for something distinctly Different from the military shooters That dominate the genre to stay up to Date with latest top stories make sure To subscribe to this YouTube channel by Clicking the button above this video

Like previous high on life updates for The recently released hatch number three Brings fixes for a variety of ongoing Issues with the title but also Introduces a feature that has been long Requested by PC players in what is sure To be welcome news for many players the Patch fixes several non-progression bugs That had the ability to completely halt Players progress leaving them with no Other option than to restart the game Entirely the patch also fixes the Decidedly less game breaking but equally Annoying bugs that prevented players From being able to unlock several of the Game's achievements for players enjoying The surreal sci-fi world of high on life On PC one of the most exciting additions Included with patch number three will be The ability to change the game's field Of view using a new fav slider although PC Gamers have the option to run the Game at higher resolutions and frame Rate than their console counterparts Provided their gaming PC is sufficiently Powerful the inability to change the Game's cramped fove before now had Proved to be a point of frustration for Many players in another content update To shore to illicit Giggles from fans of The game's often scatological humor the Patch notes state that globo now farts More frequently high on life has been a Breath of fresh albeit foul-mouthed air

For many shooter fans thanks to its Unique take on the genre now that this Latest patch has smoothed out some of The game's remaining rough edges and Ensured players will no longer get stuck In space Applebee's it could be the Perfect time to finally give The Surreal Sci-fi shooter a spin high on life is Available now for pc spocks 1 ends Box Series Xs Foreign [Music]

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