High School Students Robotics Teams | TC Sessions Robotics 2018

High school students from Bellarmine College Preparatory, Davis High School and Hercules High School present their robotics projects.

[Music] We’re bringing out school student teams From two five four lockdown as the name Of their teen and citrus circuits go Ahead and clap they’re smarter than all Of us so I’m gonna let them show you Guys their robots but the general Premise is this if they compete in a Competition called first and they get Rules in like January they’re like okay Here’s how the game is gonna work in This case it’s stacking blocks right and You have to build your robot they built It all themselves they programmed it all Themselves and I’m gonna kind of toss it To them to tell you about what they’ve Been working on so why don’t you guys Take it away I’m just gonna stand over Here yeah so okay we are team two five For the cheesy poof’s out of belem in College preparatory in San Jose I we This year we had a really intimate we Had a really amazing season we won the 2018 World Championship which was our Fourth World Championship win throughout Our team’s history and in addition to That we had a 53 and no record Throughout the season so overall we had A lot of success this season as for the Robots these were designed for the 2018 FRC game first power up the premise of The game is to stack these yellow cubes Here on elevated seesaws throughout the Field and you can you score points based

On how much time you possess the skis Seesaws such that they’re tipped in your Favor so I can go over the match Structure that we play in so every match That we play is 2 minutes and 30 seconds Long the first 15 seconds are autonomous Which means that the robot is following Strictly pre-programmed instructions but The 2 minutes and 15 seconds following Or driver controlled which means that Our driver and our operator are working Together to control all the subsystems Of the robot so we can score in an Efficient way Yeah so I’ll talk about a bit about Autonomous so we’ve got a variety of Sensors located on our robot to help us Navigate around the field and score During the autonomous period so we’ve Got a gyroscope and encoders on a robot To help localize our robot on the field Encoders on our joy on our elevator and Our wrist to determine their positions And two IR sensors located in the Carriage there to see whether we’ve got A cube or not alright and without any Further ado we’re going to demo our Robot so Protege thank you So it is 28 inches wide 33 inches long And 54 inches tall it weighs around 150 Pounds so we’re gonna start off by Enabling the robot and we’re gonna pivot Out our wrists first which is this System right here and then it’s gonna

Drive forward and its gonna intake in This yellow power cube as it’s called It’s gonna stow the power cube back Inside the robot it’s going to elevate Up around two feet and I’m hoping I can Catch it as it spits it out back to me And now it’s going to do a quick turn Around really quickly it’s going to give Her the wrist back out a little bit it’s Gonna in taking the cube it’s going to Stow the cube back inside the robot okay We’re having a few problems right okay The splash zone if I need to cross like You know crowd-surf all right now it’s Going to elevate up hopefully to around Six feet in the air elevate up to six Feet yeah some Wi-Fi issue sorry about That and then it’s gonna drop the cube And then in the last 30 seconds of the Match that’s when we can actually climb Up a bar with two robots on us so it’s Gonna happen is that in the last 30 Seconds our hooks we’re gonna deploy out Which are these blue kind of pieces Right here we’re going to elevate up our Elevator level bit up and then we latch On to a bar which is a two by two box Extrusion and then we deployed down the Four clips which are these piece sorry Oh sorry yeah so there’s a lot of Wi-Fi Issues right now so that’s why it’s not Working out too well apologize about That but yeah essentially on these two Black forks deploy down like that on

Both sides they are made of carbon fiber Rods which are 5/8 OD and they’re solid A robot can drive up onto these Forks When these are deployed down and then it Can climb up lifting that robot with it Yeah and then I can climb onto these Forks and then they can be raised up Into the airs and I’m going to hand off To team 1678 Yeah who feels good about themselves so Um we are team 1678 citrus circuits in Davis California it’s about an hour and 30 minutes away yeah so our team has About ninety eight students and we’re All broken up into different technical Sub teams so all of our students have The opportunity to learn a lot of Different kinds of gonna learn their Different technical expertise so some of Our students learn um CAD design some of Our students learn how to program some Of our students wire the robot into Pneumatics and then some of our students Do the business and finances section so In addition to all these technical Skills we also learn a lot of soft Skills managing this team coordinating Projects coordinating deadlines making Sure that everything is up and ready for Our competitions this year we competed And won three different regionals across California and Utah and we competed in The Houston World Championships Alongside team 254 placing third place

After getting beat out by them all right So something that I find really Interesting about the first competition Is how we have a very similar or the Exact same challenge every year between Teams but teams find very different ways To approach the same problem so some of The things some of the elements between The robots are very similar they both Have very similar degrees of freedom Want linear elevator and one sort of Pivoting wrist but after that the Similarities really stops so whereas 254 You chose to hold the cube inside of the Robot we sort of hold it extend it out Cantilever it out but that system is Actually fairly similar something that’s Very different from how 254 actually Runs their robot is the climbing system So 254 chose to use forklifts we chose Actually to use something that deploys Off of the side of our robot that’s this Big plate looking thing it’s actually Designed after an airplane wing which Makes it very light and it’s got a bunch Of holes to just reduce the weight even Further so we’re gonna do a quick demo Of that right now we’ll take it away So yeah this hook extends and it latches On to the bar which is the wrong that You’re climbing on we don’t have a bar Of obviously but we’re gonna hold that Real quick so I’m at it can you hold it Yep okay and then they’re actually the

Hook actually deploys as well as this Ramp I don’t want to have that drop on The ground make scuff marks but a robot Is actually able to drive onto this and The whole thing winches up via these Three strings so that’s sort of how the Climbing system works which is a very Different approach to their approach the 2:54 took and both approaches were Actually very successful it’s just Interesting that you know very similar Design constraints can produce very Different outcomes all right so we’re Gonna demo the rest of our robot really Quick and then we’re gonna okay so so Like I said two of the degrees of Freedom on the robot are very similar It’s got an elevator moves up and down a Wrist moves back and forth and an intake That sucks the cubes in and prepares Them for actually scoring them so I Think we’re actually having some of the Same communications issues just because There are a lot of Wi-Fi interference in This venue but it does communicate over Wi-Fi so this box controller yes so it’s Controlled using an Xbox controller a Joystick and actually a Ferrari wheel so We’ve gotten a lot of questions about That but yeah that’s what livvie here Uses to drive the robot during matches So yeah basically lifts up and it can Score it so Amanda could you So as you can see a lot of the scoring

Is very similar between robots can I ask You guys what the biggest challenge was So yeah designing a robot in six weeks Is actually the biggest challenge in of Itself so we have six weeks basically From initial conception to finish Product here and you can see that our Robot doesn’t look like the prettiest Thing it’s basically a consistent Prototype because we’re constantly Working to improve it and we’re Constantly seeing what other teams like 2:54 are doing and working with what we See to figure out how we can make our Robot better so there’s a lot of Constant reiteration upon the design That we have what first got you guys and This is for both teams if you guys want To spread the mics around like well at What point where you like oh I want to Build a robot like where where did your Inspiration come these guys are 14 to 18 So at one point where did you get into It as for me my sister majored in Computer science in college so I kind of Had that inside perspective as like what Engineering was and and as a result of That looked into the robotics program at Bell Hermann which is the high school That I was going to be attending and Just kind of fell in love with the Program right away I’d always been Interested in engineering sort of but Like didn’t wasn’t really sure but

Definitely through the robotics program And that the interest that my sister Instilled in me I was able to like find Robotics and as a result of that like Really solidify my interest in Engineering Oh pretty similar story and it’s Something that you’re gonna hear from a Lot of first students you know I wasn’t Sure if I wanted to do it I came to one Meeting and I was hooked I was initially A bit worried about the time commitment Apparently all those concerns have gone Out the window because now I spend 60 Hours a week working on robots it’s more Than I spend it work so I’m actually Kind of an exception among this crowd I Don’t actually work on the robot I do a Lot of business PR finances as well as Administrative and management tasks I Kind of got part of this program because My friend was part of it Kyle here also dragged me into the Program and I just had a really great Time even though I wasn’t working on on The robot itself the culture of first And just the atmosphere and the working Environment we’re just really really Engaging and I found a really great Program so even though I’m not learning The technical skills to build the robot I’ve been learning a lot of the soft Skills in order to make the program run As smoothly as it can and personally um

I mean it’s super cool because we can Build these robots within only six and a Half weeks which is I mean it’s great to Do as high school students and just Being able to have that chance to do That and to really explore different Kinds of you know like of engineering Doing this just an awesome opportunity And that’s what really got me hooked and And just quickly before we run out of Time like where do you guys see Yourselves in five years just so I know Where to serve the coffee so yeah I’m Gonna be majoring in computer science And I’m hoping to actually go into Working with robots research potentially In control systems that’s sort of where My interest lies I’m actually a freshman This year so I haven’t totally thought It through yet but I’m definitely gonna Be interested in software engineering And anything related to that awesome so I’m so I’ll be doing a in college and Then hoping after that I can help design Chips and processors which can be Embedded inside these robots I really Love space so I want a major neuro Space Engineering and then go into the Industry working on propulsion at a Private space company I’m gonna be Studying mechanical engineering in College and in the future I hope to Continue working in the robotics field Because this stuff is super cool I’m

Gonna study CS and controls in college And I hope to work in a robotics Industry as well because I’m gonna be Studying anthropology and art history And I hope that we’re gonna be yeah That’s my girl All right like another seriously massive Round of applause for these young people Go ahead and take it away going all the Way that way and as they work to get This off and I work to repair my ego I’m Excited to announce that we do have one Other high school team that is in a Different competition so first is its Own organization comics And our next team is involved in the pie Competition so with that does Hercules High school you guys want to come on out Show us what you’re made of Yeah just you oh yeah you do need a mic Can we have that back hello there I have Some slides so hopefully they appear Somewhere but I’m Jesse I’m a student at Cal I participated in pioneers in Engineering when I was a high school Student for three years and I’ve done it For two years now as a college student On the staff end of things what PI is Essentially is a Robotics Competition That we hold here at UC Berkeley we Think it’s important to consider FIRST Robotics and PI from a broader Perspective we want to show a whole Bunch of students the joy of Robotics

Like I got the experience in high school And on top of that there are some Interesting numbers we have by 2022 the US will have a shortfall of 1 million Stem grads we need to train more Engineers from all over to work on the Coming developments in robotics plus we Need to find the next cold ken Goldberg Or Petera Biel in terms of robotics Education we were doing pretty well the South Bay had over 30 hours for our C Teams this year including our friends From Team 2 5 4 however in contrast There are fewer than 10 of our C teams In the East Bay we’re hoping that pi can Cover some of these gaps and further Spread STEM education throughout the Bank so this is a challenge we set for Ourselves we plan to bring robotics Education to everyone so the two Challenges we face in implementing that Are limited financial resources because You know robots are not cheap and the Second is limited its expertise in a Highly technical field a very high Barriers to entry our solution in pi is A college run robotics mentorship Program How does pi tackle the challenges we see The first challenge of limited financial Resources we solve this by fund raising All the student expenses we also build The robotics In house to save costs and allows us UC

Berkeley students to actually apply some Of the knowledge we learned in the Classroom to real-world endeavors The second challenge of limiting Expertise UC Berkeley students act as a Personal mentors for each team they pass Down a lot of the knowledge they’ve Learned in college this is a great Dynamic to younger and more relatable Faces encourage more high school Students to get involved in robotics Okay Pi served over 20 high schools in the East Bay this year which we’re really Proud of we got to work with some really Great people with those teams plus the FRC teams in gray more local students Than ever have been able to get a great High school experience now I’m happy to Introduce one of the high school Students John me from Hercules she’s Going to talk about her PI experience And show us her robot hi everyone just Out of curiosity do you guys remember Your prom day because it’s a pretty Memorable day isn’t it and here we are Today is our prom day but even the prom Is important Pi robotics and just for bikes in General is even more important to us so Here we are in front of you guys and the Rest of my team will be assembling the Setup for the robot be right behind me While I’ll be talking about our journey

So I got my first glimpse of engineering At a summer program on a university Campus where all the other students from Schools had computer science and Robotics classes 3d printers and machine Shops and there it felt as if Engineering was out of my reach so when I got back to Hercules I decided to try And get some of those resources at my School but despite repeated requests to The school administration I wasn’t able To convince them instead after a Rigorous cycle of fundraising and grant Writing we were able to secure barely Enough money to compete in FTC the scale Down version of FRC it became quickly Clear here that we were at a huge Disadvantage coming from an area that Had no support for engineering And it still felt that engineering was Out of our reach but then we joined PI Robotics and our mentor who was a UC Berkeley student was just a few years Older than us he had been president of His high school’s FRC team and was Incredibly knowledge eligible in all Areas of tech and working together day By day with him our robot began to Operate more consistently and our Members became more like family we built Our own gear box and learned how to Program in Python we designed builded And tested our robot over many Iterations until we arrived at its final

Form and for the first time it felt as If we had done real engineering and we Ended up winning first place that year In PI robotics competition so with the Help of Pi we have been able to create An actual sustainable robotics community For the first time in our community We’ve been named Club of the year at our School and we’ve given presentations our City council meetings calls upon by our Mayor and proudly we have been able to Plan and host our own robotics outreach Programs for younger kids we created and Raised money for a five-week program Called build a bought where we taught Middle schoolers the basics of building Robots we mentored FLL junior teams in All three of our local elementary Schools we wanted to give the younger Kids in our community something that we Never had an early exposure to Engineering right within the community And so one day they’ll be able to come To the high schools team and outperform Our robot much more than we could ever Expect thank you and now it’s time for Our robot demo Yeah could you please just all go on Airplane mode every single one of you so You get the network issues working here Exactly exactly Well if there we go maybe if everyone Happened to turn off the cell phones Then maybe we could be able to play

Fetch with the robot here but until then We’ll just love you attitude though We’re getting somewhere Yeah the Wi-Fi is pretty not the robot Doesn’t like it it’s okay we believe That you guys are really good at it I do At least you adults are stubborn the Thing yeah okay so we are out of time But we really appreciate you coming to Hang out with us on prom day and when You look back and you have billions of Dollars you’re gonna be like cool that Was right choice So another huge round of applause for Our genius you good job guys

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