How ChatGPT has changed SEO forever…

Are you wondering how ChatGPT will affect SEO? In this video, you’ll get to know how ChatGPT will change SEO and explore new applications that will make your website traffic go vertical.

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Holy sh chat GPT only released four Weeks ago when SEO professionals have Already figured out some insane Applications for it applications that Are making their website traffic go Vertical and in this video I’m going to Share them all with you and I’m also Going to address the elephant in the Room is Google going to die if users can Get their questions answered instantly And easily from an AI why bother sifting Through 10 results on page one of Google Some of which are ads for the past four Weeks I’ve been digging into chat GPT And I finally have an answer to that Question let’s take it back to the Beginning a whopping four weeks ago in Just five days since its release chat Gbt attracted over a million users Elon Musk called it quote scary good what Does it do it’s a free dialogue based Tool driven by artificial intelligence You can ask it a question or give it a Command such as write me a thousand word Blog post on the benefits of apple cider Vinegar and it does exactly that and it Does a damn good job too scary good the Crazy thing is that chat GPT isn’t just A database of stuff like apple cider Vinegar it was trained with a wide set Of general knowledge that can apply to To a variety of tasks this search and Journal article gives an excellent Analogy it’s similar to how a human

Learns for example if a human learns Carpentry fundamentals they can apply That knowledge to build a table even Though that person was never Specifically taught how to do it chat GPT is based off gbt that’s generative Pre-trained Transformer version 3.5 the Latest and greatest of openai’s language Models now before I get into all the Incredible SEO abuse cases for the tool Whoops did I say abuse I totally meant Use cases we’ll take a closer look at Chat GPT and explore why Google is Terrified of this technology the first Reason is ease of use just look at how Easy it is to find answers to your Questions compared to the typical Google Experience if I ask chat GPT what should I bring to Thailand bam here’s a list of Nine things I need to pack passport Visa Clothing and so forth but if I ask Google I don’t get a quick answer I get A list of websites that I need to sort Through which one of these should I Trust and for many search queries the Top slots are going to be taken up by Ads ain’t no ads in chat GPT and Speaking of getting a faster answer Google articles are written for SE yo Let’s say you wanted to know how many Calories are in an apple so you open up This article in position one of Google Look at how much content you need to get Through to find the damn answer the

Entire article should actually just read Calories 95 but if it did it would never Rank on Google meanwhile chat gbt says Hold my beer here’s your quick answer Chatgpt is also dialogue based you can Legit have a conversation with it ask it Which is better for living as an Entrepreneur San Francisco or Austin First you get your answer you can then Ask the question that’s really on your Mind which has better burritos and it Will remember that we’re still talking About SF and Austin another insane Reason is that chat GPT can freaking Code watch this write me PHP code for a Mortgage calculator there you go here’s Code that you can put on your own Website and have your own link bait Mortgage calculator in seconds now There’s more powerful SEO applications Than this and we’ll get to them all Later but first I want to look at the Other side of the argument why Google Might not be in as much danger as we Think first off and this is a big one GPT still messes up facts a lot when You’re looking for answers you need to Be able to trust your Source look look At this answer to the chat GPT question Which websites use woocommerce Shopify Their main competitor uses woocommerce What This Yahoo finance article puts it Clearly chatgpt doesn’t know the

Difference between truth and falsehood It will just make up a story on the spot No one in their right mind should look At a tweet and believe it the same way No one should look at the output of chat GPT and believe it at face value and the Problem is if you don’t already know the Answer then you have no idea if it’s Wrong and that poses a big threat to User confidence a big reason for its Inability to answer facts correctly is That GPT was only trained on a data set Up to 2021. if you ask chat GPT it will Openly tell you that and of course this Limitation will go away if they figure Out how to train it in real time in Comparison Google has way more data to Work with namely the entire internet There’s 1.14 billion websites on the Interwebs Google has the capacity to Crawl and index all of them adding to Its massive database of information at Its fingertips to get questions Accurately answered chat GPT was only Trained on 570 gigabytes of data source From books Wikipedia research and Websites and while 570 GB is a lot it’s Hardly 1.14 billion websites worth of Data your hard drive is likely bigger Than that as we talked about before chat GPT has the advantage that you get a Quick answer from One Source that’s Sometimes a good thing but sometimes It’s not imagine you’re searching for

Something like best backpack for hiking In situations like this you want a Variety of different opinions and Reviews Google provides you with a Curated list of trusted sources so you Can pick what you want to believe people Like freedom of choice just try to take That away from them They’re non-existent on chat GPT my Buddy Steve Toth pointed this out he’s Coming over to speak at Chiang Mai SEO Conference next year and ask chat GPT What he should do cooking classes were On the list so we asked which ones are The best it wouldn’t give them the names Of cooking schools no reviews and no Links to their websites that’s not very Helpful and what if you need someone With experience to answer your question Let’s say your question is do I have an Ulcer you want to make sure your reading Content produced by a qualified medical Professional like this handsome doctor In this Healthline article but probably The biggest reason that you shouldn’t Think Google is threatened by chat GPT Is simply that Google doesn’t like AI Content Google has said multiple times That AI generated content is against Their guidelines can Google detect AI Content now not quite at least not Algorithmically and not without human Intervention but that may change soon This search engine Journal article

Reveals that openai the company behind Chat gbt is working on a Cryptography-based watermarking Technology that will leave a footprint On AI generated content so it can be Detected but there’s simple ways around The watermark detection too now before I Get into the chat GPT applications that Have already changed SEO forever there’s One huge reason that Google isn’t going Anywhere because Google is Google let’s Take a step back and think about things This is Google we’re talking about here The biggest company in the world with Over a trillion dollar valuation if Google really thought chat GPT was a Threat it would acquire it and because Of this I stand firm that Google is not Dead meat SEO isn’t dead and in fact the Job of the SEO professional just got More powerful than ever let’s take a Look at what you can do with chat GPT to Supercharge your SEO strategy starting With keyword research ask chat GPT to Give you 50 long tail keywords to Target On a Blog about crypto wow that was easy What is cryptocurrency how to buy Bitcoin best cryptocurrency to invest in And so forth but maybe you want to start With a narrower topic of Bitcoin let’s Ask for more keywords excellent how to Buy Bitcoin with credit card Bitcoin Mining pool explained these are all Great long tails number 13 sounds

Interesting Bitcoin and its potential Use in the real estate market let’s ask It to create an article outline for it Amazing we got an introduction broken Down into a primer to bitcoin and the Real estate market and the first Subsection of the main body is super Logical too history of Bitcoin in the Real estate market but to be fair Bitcoin has potential use in the real Estate market sounds boring AF let’s get A better title give me a more catchy Clickbaity title now we’re talking the Future of real estate how Bitcoin is Revolutionizing the industry or discover The benefits of using Bitcoin to buy and Sell property seriously any one of these Is better than I can do but maybe you Want a keyword optimized title so you Can tell to put Bitcoin in real estate At the front title number five is Awesome real estate meets Bitcoin is This the future of property investment Now get chat gbt to write your Introduction paragraph by typing write 150 word introduction for answer number Five how about an FAQ section easy tell Chat GPT to make an FAQ section for your Article so let’s say you continue on and Finish the rest of the article let’s Make sure it’s SEO optimized chat GPT Provide a list of semantically relevant Topics that are missing from and insert Your article looks like we missed a lot

Our article didn’t talk about the legal Ramifications notaries or taxes let’s Get a paragraph written on the first Bullet point that the legal landscape About crypto real estate transactions Awesome now drop this in your content Then we have sentiment can you write Your content in a positive or negative Light let’s say you’re writing an Article in favor of Bitcoin for real Estate transactions then the following Line is not helping your argument Bitcoin’s volatility is orders of Magnitude more extreme than even the Most unstable of Fiat currencies ouch Just rewrite the line in a positive Sentiment there that’s much better Bitcoin’s volatility is significantly Higher than that of most unstable fiat Currency which can be viewed as a Positive aspect of the cryptocurrency And let’s say you want to add schema Markup to your article which you should Your chat GPT create schema markup for The same article now I’m not even close To finishing off chat gpt’s SEO Applications but I want to take a quick Pause I want you to realize that we just Researched planned and wrote an entire SEO optimized article for free Baby is this the best piece of content You’ve ever read not likely but you can Bet your buns it’s better than entry Level Riders can you post this content

Directly to your website not without an Editing step remember Google doesn’t Like AI content and it’s working on Detecting it the subpar AI algorithms Can already be detected so human editing And fine-tune optimization with the tool Like server are still required Especially if you’re targeting High Competition keywords I have video coming Out next month on how I built an entire Website with AI content it goes over the Complete A to Z process so make sure to Subscribe so you don’t miss it now let’s Get back to more chat gbt SEO Applications how about creating a Topical map if you want to rank for Something like time shares you need a Lot of timeshare content writing one Article isn’t enough this one I got from The homie Andrew Sterling Ansley chat GPT provide the 10 years semantically Associated questions to what is the Value of a timeshare how does the value Of a time share change over time can a Timeshare be sold or is it stuck with The owner these are great since they’re So closely related if you write all These articles you’re much more likely To rank compared to if you wrote a Single one of them separately now how About keyword clustering save and listed Keywords and you want to know which ones Belong in the same article I got this One from the chat GPT SEO Facebook group

Type cluster the following keywords Based on relevancy and Bam here’s your Keyword groupings every article should Aim to have a section that is optimized For getting the featured snippet to do That you should answer the search query In an NLP friendly format what is an NLP Friendly format who cares chat GPT knows How to do it ask it answer the following In an NLP friendly format what is an Organic SEO consultant and here’s your Answer it echoes back the search query Uses the word is and gives the concise Answer now let’s say you want to promote Your article you’ve written it now how Can you get some eyeballs on it ask chat GPT to write an email with subject line To promote your article and it’ll spit Out an email that you can send to your List or you can ask it to create a tweet Or other social media posts to share Your article complete with hashtags hell You can use it to create highly engaging Social media posts that will attract Likes and shares to boost your own Social media presence let’s take a in The link building and how chat CPT can Be leveraged to do it at scale namely Guest posting hey chat GPT write a 500 Word guest post on keyword research Written in the style of garyvee just for Some flavor and voila here you go and Here’s a clever way to do SEO research Also from my friend Andrew chat GPT

Summarize the main points of this Article from Corey tugberg then paste in The article need more clarification type Something like please clarify semantic SEO and layman’s terms make sure to Subscribe so you don’t miss my case Study on a full website build using AI Content in the breakdown of how you can Do it for yourself thanks for watching

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