How Do I Use the Apple Watch Ultra’s Emergency Siren?

We show you how to use the Apple Watch Ultra’s Emergency Siren.

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– How do I use the new Emergency Siren On the Apple Watch Ultra? (light upbeat music) Hi, I'm Angela Moscaritolo, Senior Analyst at Today I'm gonna show you how to enable The Emergency Siren on
the Apple Watch Ultra. I'll also show you what happens When you do enable it And how to turn it off. This will ring an
86-decibel emergency sound, And depending on your watch battery level, It can ring for hours. You'll wanna know how to turn it on Before you ever need to. All you have to do is press
and hold the action button On the left side of the case, The orange button. So you press and hold And that brings up a new emergency pane From which you can start the siren. You just slide the siren
slider over to the right. (siren beeps) To stop it, You just press the stop
button in the middle. As you can see, It shows your battery level While the siren is active And you can call for emergency services From that same screen if you need to. Now, this is not gonna
blow out your eardrums, But Apple says that
this sound can be heard Up to 600 feet away. Hope that helps.

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