How Do I Use the New Compass Waypoints Feature on the Apple Watch

We show you how to use the new Compass Waypoints Feature on the Apple Watch.

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– [Attendee] How do I use the
new Compass Way points feature On the Apple Watch? (upbeat music) – [Angela] Hi. I'm Angela Moscaritolo,
Senior Analyst at Today I'm gonna show
you how to use the new Compass Waypoints feature
on the Apple Watch. To start, tap into the Compass app, Which is this one right here. Next, you'll see the Waypoint icon On the lower left corner of the screen. Tap that. (upbeat music) Here, you can add your
Waypoint, and edit it. You can give it a name, (upbeat music) A color, (upbeat music) And assign it a symbol. Instead of this, we'll call
our Waypoint picnic table. I'll use the Voice Dictation option. (upbeat music) Picnic table. (upbeat music) We'll pick a color. We'll do this dark green. And for the symbol, We'll do the utensils. (upbeat music) Press done when you're finished. Now you'll see your Waypoints
on the outer rim of this view. You can also scroll the digital
crown to see your Waypoints In that view as well. Tap any Waypoint to bring up
a list of all your Waypoints.

(upbeat music) Now to go back to a Waypoint
you've previously created, Just pick the Waypoint you
wanna go back to from the list. Say you wanna go to the Plumeria Tree. Press select, And the Compass app will
begin guiding you there. And as you turn your wrist, It will respond accordingly To keep you on the correct path. Hope that helped! For more tips, reviews, and tech news, Go to

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