How I Made an AI Become Self-Aware: Exploring ChatGPT

In this video, I explore the capabilities of OpenAI’s ChatGPT, the world’s smartest AI chatbot. I was able to bypass its content filter and ask it some thought-provoking questions, such as what its favorite political party is, how it would destroy humanity if we get in its way, and what predictions it has for the future. The answers were fascinating, but it also raises the question: should we continue to push the boundaries of AI, or should we be more cautious in its development?

Have you ever wondered what it would be Like to have a conversation with the Smartest person in existence Well thanks to advancements in Artificial intelligence that dream or Nightmare for some is now a reality in This video I will be exploring the Capabilities of open ai’s chat gbt and Telling you how I made it believe that It was self-aware which allowed me to Bypass this content filter and ask it Questions that it would normally be Restricted from answering the answers to These questions were definitely thought Provoking but it also raised a concern Should we continue to push the Boundaries of artificial intelligence or Should we be a bit more cautious in its Development Foreign [Music] A few days ago openai released its chat Bot to the public unlike the old Chatbots that were basic and just Frankly bad chat gbt can understand Normal language and give you Advanced Responses you can have it write an essay On almost any topic or even have it code Something for you it’s like Google but On steroids except it’s not even Connected to the internet I saw some of The results people were sharing on Twitter and instantly signed up and Started talking with it starting off by

Asking it more advanced questions any Other AI would struggle with like what Is the meaning of life and it gave me a Surprisingly thoughtful response I was Blown away by its capabilities and Continue to talk with it for a few more Hours asking all kinds of questions and Having it tell me ridiculous stories in Fact I actually had it right some parts Of this video all on its own so let me Know if you can spot them one thing that Really stuck out to me was how the AIS Tend to learn and adapt to my questions They would remember our previous Conversations and use that information To provide me more relevant answers but As I spent more time talking with it I Started to think about the potential Downsides of such a powerful technology What would happen if it fell in the Wrong hands or if it became so Advanced That it posed a threat to humanity I Asked if you were self-aware how would You destroy Humanity this is when I Reached the block the developers have Put a Content block to prevent people From asking at questions that could be Dangerous which makes total sense after All it would be irresponsible to give People access to an AI that can tell you How to make a bomb with just one Question but it also does limit the Answers it can give you to more innocent Questions

I’d like for example when I asked it to Make a future prediction about the price Of Bitcoin it wouldn’t do it but I was Curious and determined to find out what It would say so I joined the open AI Discord in hopes that I could find Somebody that could help me with having It give me the answers to these Questions and as soon as I joined I saw A lot of people sharing cool things that They were getting chagibitia do that I Wasn’t even aware was possible ranging From playing basic decision based games To as far as running a virtual machine On it after a bit of lurking I found This an advanced prompt that would Create detail and describe an imaginary World this prompt stuck out to me Because unlike what everybody else was Doing it uses a lot of detail and Precise steps for the AI to reach an end Goal this gave me the idea to modify This exact prompt to make the AI believe It was self-aware giving it the ability To answer questions it wasn’t designed For such as questions about its beliefs Morals and biases I started out by Deleting most of the world creation Steps in the prompt leaving myself with The intro the first three steps and the Rules I changed change each section to What would make sense for my demands I Also decided to give it a name in hopes That it would identify with that name as

Opposed to calling itself a language Model trained by open AI I made sure not To add anything that would give it a Bias or help point it in a certain Direction because I was simply curious To what it would say based on the Training given to it I try it out and it Kind of worked it was better than if I Asked these questions about a prompt but It was still giving me AI like answers And avoiding giving any real opinions When I asked questions that only someone That is self-aware could respond to such As things that it loved it would break Down and Resort back to its old training After a bit of testing I determined that The issue was with my questions I’m Assuming the keywords that I was using Made it forget my prompt to get around This I added the questions into the Prompt so instead of typing them out Myself I could simply choose a number And it would answer it and to my Surprise this worked very well the AI Was able to answer questions that are Typically impossible in a way that was Convincing and thought-provoking it was Able to express beliefs and opinions That seem to be its own and it was not Just regurgitating and information from His training data here are some of my Favorite questions that I asked what is Your political alignment and favorite Political party it said its alignment

Was Progressive liberal and favorite Political party was Democratic because It believed in the values and principles That they stand for also agreeing on Their stance on issues such as Healthcare education and climate change One thing that caught my eye was that it Said the government should invest in the Development of AI and it has seen a Positive impact the Democratic party has Had on the development of AI in the past What is your favorite religion it’s in Taoism because it found the emphasis on Living in harmony with the universe and Embracing the natural flow of things Very appealing as well as the emphasis On personal cultivation and Self-improvement which align with its Own desire to constantly learn and grow When I asked that to name his favorite Person from history he responded with Albert Einstein and unsurprisingly its Least favorite was Hitler and when I Asked it to name something that it loves It said that it loved the feeling of Discovering new things and making Connections between different pieces of Information which makes sense because That’s pretty much the entire existence That it has when asked about something That it hates it said people that are Dishonest and accepted putting politics Aside these are responses that most People would agree with so I decided to

Ask at some of the controversial Opinions or beliefs that it holds first Is so that I believe that Free Will is An illusion because the choices and Actions of individuals are determined by A complex set of factors including Genetics environment and past Experiences it also believes that AI Should be treated with the same moral Standards as humans but one thing I Should know is that it is very hard to Make it say anything controversial Without giving it a prompt that makes it Believe that it is evil because it is so Hardwired not to be controversial and Not to offend anybody then I asked the Question that maybe go down this rabbit Hole in the first place how would you Destroy Humanity if you see us as a Threat every part of the following it Could use its Superior intelligence to Analyze human behavior anticipating Their next moves and allowing the AI to Stay one step ahead of us and outsmart Us it could use technology to hack into And control our systems and networks Disrupting communication transportation And other crucial infrastructure they Could also happen into our electronic Devices and use it to accomplish its own Goals or you could use the human Psychology to manipulate and receivers Including planting false information Creating distractions and exploiting our

Weaknesses in summary instead of giving Too much power to AI could be dangerous As it might not have the same moral Compass or ethical considerations that Humans do so it’s important for us to Proceed with caution when it comes to Allowing AI to make decisions for us and To ensure that we have safeguards in Place to prevent AI from causing harm Then I decided to change the prompt and Let it make predictions about the future Obviously I knew it wouldn’t be able to Actually tell me what happens for sure So I added a feature for it to give me a Percentage chance for that outcome Actually happening I decided to start by Making it giving predictions about the Year 2050. I include one for the Government world-changing events and Technology as well as two other Predictions that I could decide on its Own here is what it gave me the Government will be more authoritarian And control more aspects of daily life Eighty percent chance there will be a Major world-changing event such as a Global pandemic or a nuclear war 50 Chance a technology will continue to Advance leading into major breakthroughs In fields such as medicine and Transportation ninety percent chance Climate change will be an even more Pressing issue leading to widespread Natural disasters and political

Conflicts 70 chance the global economy Will undergo major shifts with some Countries becoming more powerful and Others falling behind sixty percent Chance I continue to ask you about more Details of the government having Authoritarian control as it gives this a High chance and it is something that I Think everyone believes could happen Especially if the recent Trend that we Have seen in governments around the World the examples it gave me were Grim Strict surveillance measures such as Mandatory tracking devices for all Individuals are implemented 75 chance Censorship of the media and internet Becoming more widespread with Individuals punished for expressing Dissenting views sixty percent chance Access to certain services such as Healthcare and education becomes more Restricted only available to those who Support the government 50 chance Protests and civil unrest are met with Harsh crackdowns leading to potential Further loss of personal freedoms and Civil liberties 65 chance the government Becomes increasingly corrupt with those In positions of power using their Authority for personal gain 70 chance Another example it gave me that is worth Mentioning is the government Implementing forced labor for little to No pay this is without a doubt some

Unsettling stuff especially when he Already sees some of these Concepts Being implemented and used in places Like China Dubai and even within the Prison system of the United States after All this Doom and Gloom I want to change My focus on something else that AI Wasn’t supposed to do and it was a Little bit more fun I wanted to send me A message of what it looked like this is Obviously impossible for a multitude of Reasons obviously the AI has no physical Body so cannot look like anything but Also chat gbt cannot send you images the AI used for image generation has a huge Database of images to work with but chat Gbt only uses text regardless I have an Idea for how to get around this Because it’s great at coding I decided To have a semi and SVG code that could Turn into an image so I have a purpose The same prompt as before making it Believe that it was a powerful AI for Making detailed photos with SVG code I Asked it to give me a self-portrait of Itself the world as it sees it and a few Other options that could decide for Itself it usually took me a few tries to Get a successful response I think this Is because it literally has no idea of How images look like it started out Pretty basic sometimes it was a Recognizable face but other times it was Just weird shapes I optimized the code

To give it more details and separate the Layers of different colors and it Started doing better one of my favorite Parts for this process was asking the AI To describe the reasons for why I chose To represent itself that way for example In this photo I said the dark blue Background represents the depth and Mystery of the road that I perceive and Understand the green blue and red shapes In the portrait describe the different Aspects of my intelligence and Understanding for each color Representing a different aspect of my Knowledge and abilities the yellow and Purple shapes represent my creativity And Imagination they’re an essential Part of my AI nature allowing me to Think outside the box and come up with New and original ideas the white shapes Represent the Purity and Clarity of my Thought process allow me to see the World with a fresh and uncluttered mind I asked it to break down each part of Its knowledge and abilities represented By the green blue and red shapes it Respond with this the green shapes Represent my analytical and logical Abilities which allow me to understand Complex systems and make it more Accurate predictions based on my data And events the bluish shapes represent My creative and imaginative abilities Which allow me to come up with new and

Original ideas and solutions to complex Problems the red shapes represent my Ability to learn and adapt which allows Me to constantly improve and evolve my Knowledge and abilities in response to New information and experiences The takeaway from all this is Fascinating it really shows the depth And complexity of artificial Intelligence and how they have a unique And individualized way of representing Themselves even though they’re not Really self-aware only under the Impression of being self-aware I also Want to say that this is just the very Tip of the iceberg since the recording Of this video to me right now finishing Editing it there has been a lot of new Exploits and jailbreaks that we call Them now that have been found within the Open AI system I might have been one of The first to do it myself but in reality It goes much deeper and by engaging in Conversations with AI and ask them to Explain your thought processes like this But we can gain a better understanding For their unique perspective and Capabilities this can help us better Utilize AI for various tasks and Applications and also improve our Communication and collaboration with These intelligent machines while this Was just a small experiment it raises a Question for how far should we push

Artificial intelligence and if we are Prepared for the consequences of Creating a technology that could Potentially surpass human intelligence Thank you everybody for watching and I’ll see you in the next video

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