How To Beat Setekh Wenut (& Where To Find Them)

How To Beat Setekh Wenut (& Where To Find Them)

Wenut is a desert creature released in Genshin Impact 3.4.
While exploring the area, players will sometimes get attacked by an underground creature and take some Physical damage.
The damage itself isn’t significant, but persistently getting pestered by the creature can get annoying really fast.
There’s also a boss version of Wenut called the Setekh Wenut.
This creature can be found in the Wenut Tunnel, and like other world bosses, players have to farm the enemy for certain characters’ Ascension.
As of Genshin Impact 3.4, Alhaitham is the only character that needs Setekh Wenut farming.
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How To Reach Setekh Wenut In Genshin Impact.
Fortunately, reaching Setekh Wenut’s Genshin Impact location in is a simple task.
There are multiple roads players can take within the Wenut Tunnel, but the easiest route would be via the Teleport Waypoint south of the Setekh Wenut marker.

Foreign [Music] Where to find them when it is a desert Creature released in gentian Impact 3.4 While exploring the area players will Sometimes get attacked by an underground Creature and take some physical damage The damage itself isn't significant but Persistently getting pestered by the Creature can get annoying really fast There is also a boss version of when it Called the setic when it this creature Can be found in the winter tunnel and Like other world bosses players have to Farm the enemy for certain characters Ascension as of gentian impact 3.4 Al-hatham is the only character that Needs setic When It farming to stay up To date with latest top stories make Sure to subscribe to this YouTube Channel by clicking the button above This video how to reach setic when it Injunction impact fortunately reaching Setic when its gentian impact location N Is a simple task there are multiple Roads players can take within the winner Tunnel but the easiest route would be Via the teleport Waypoint south of the Settic one at marker after teleporting There will be a hole in front of the Players walk to the hole and glide down To see a large sand arena with a green Circle on the bottom approach the circle And the setic when it will reveal itself

How to beat setic when it injention Impact setic when it doesn't have any Fearsome attacks although the fact that It constantly went underground can be Disruptive to beat the static when it Injention impact players can simply rely On Brute Force but of course there is a Mechanic that helps with this task after Fighting for a while the setic when it Will stand up and summon some wind bite Bullets green and Nemo circles destroy Two of these wind bite bullets using Elements that react with a Nemo cryo Pyro Electro and hydro once two bullets Are destroyed the setic when it will Fall allowing players to freely deal Damage on it bosses res gentian impact The to the corresponding element will Also be reduced the win byte bullets Have to be destroyed quickly as the boss Will unleash its ultimate move with the Bullets if players are too slow since The win byte bullets are far above Players have to use abilities that have A large range or rely on a bow character Gentian impact a bow wielder in can deal Elemental DMG through their charged Attack so unleashing two charged attacks In quick succession can do the trick as For abilities that have a large range Here are some examples sanganomia Cacomi's Elemental skill upon cast Raiden shogun's Elemental burst Tartaglia's melee stands first yay

Michael's Elemental burst key King's Elemental skill and burst yanfei's Elemental skill Mona's Elemental burst Remember that the element must react With a Nemo so Geo and Nemo and Characters gentian impact Andro are not Viable for this task gentian impact is Now available on mobile PC PS4 and PS5 a Switch version is in development Foreign [Music]

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