How to Carry Your Vaccination Card on Your Phone

With mask restrictions changing, you might have to pull out proof of vaccination. But the official vaccine card doesn’t fit easily in a wallet. Here’s how to keep it handy on your phone.

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– You just got your COVID-19 vaccination And you’re feeling pretty
good about yourself, Minus the sore arm. They gave you a lollipop And a card that proves
you’ve been vaccinated, But the card is too big
to fit in your wallet Without it getting damaged. – Well, that’s a pain in the ass. – It doesn’t have to be. Apps are usually the answer
to dilemmas like this, But there aren’t that many universal ones. So, we have a few options. – Why don’t you take a
picture? It’ll last longer. – The easiest thing you can do is To take a photo of the
front and back of your card And store it in your photo app of choice, Like Google Photos or
photos on your iPhone. – What’s a widget? – The second easiest thing you can do is To make that photo a widget
so it’s easy to retrieve. For iOS 14 and above, Download a photo widget app
like Photo Widget Simple. Open the app and create an album that has Only the photos of your vaccination card. Now, long press on the home screen Then tap the plus sign
button at the upper left. Select photo widget and press add widget. Once the widget is on your home screen, Tap it to choose the album
with your vaccination card. To show it, tap twice. On Android, open the images
folder on your device. Find the photo of your vaccination card And long press on it. Then, select options, tap add
shortcut, then home screen,

And hold until the image
moves to the home screen. VaxYes from GoGetVax creates a certificate That can be placed in your
Apple Wallet or in Google Pay. You enter your phone number on the site And then upload an image
of your vaccination card. In return, you get a digital
certificate that can be stored On your device’s wallet. – I’m from the government
and I’m here to help. – Depending on where you live, There could be a local
government solution. New York State has an
Excelsior Pass wallet app That you use once it’s been
15 days from your final shot. Los Angeles County has
partnered with Healthvana And has been sending
digital vaccination records That can be stored in Apple Wallet To those who received their
vaccine at a county-run site. Whichever method you choose, Having your vaccination
card on your phone makes For one less thing to
worry about these days.

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